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To awaken innovation in the well-established organization, business leaders and professionals should think as an intrapreneur and act as a startup manager.

Digital is the age of innovation. And innovation is what leads to differentiation. There are many ways to differentiate and, therefore, there are many ways to pursue innovation. 

The purpose of the book “Unpuzzling Innovation - Mastering Innovation Management in a Structural Way“ is to demystify innovation puzzles in a structural way.

  Illumstrate ROI

Innovationinvestment The business ecosystem is full of complexity and uncertainty, it’s important to understand that there are both opportunities and risks in every investment. The logical investment scenario helps to clarify: Which benefits will be achieved through addressing the key business drivers? Can these business benefits be measured and quantified? What outcomes can the sponsor expect to achieve through investment in the proposed initiative.

Innovationinitiationinvestment Every organization is different, every business initiative is unique, every industry is different, investors are also different, there is no one size fits all formula to invest. Investment is both art and science. Great investors advocate entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship activities, strike the right balance of short-term gain and long-term perspective, put emphasis on investing in people-centric initiatives to catalyze innovation and lead transformative changes.

IllustratebigdatabigROIThough Big Data is the big trend every forward-looking organization intends to catch, as it enables business to capture insight & foresight upon their customers or products service offering, however, from industry study, the return on investment for big data is far lower than promised. What’re the root causes, how to measure Big Data investment more effectively, and can Big Data have Big ROI?

InformationROI Information technology plays a significant role in business transformation. The best way IT can demonstrate value to the business is to invest in understanding the business processes it supports and make improvements that help the business achieve its ultimate goals and objectives by making continuous deliveries.

Initiativeroi A business initiative is to solve a certain problem and achieve certain goals. There are strategic initiatives and tactical initiatives. Organizations are at a different stage of the business growth cycle, they have different strategies for business initiative investment and business portfolio management.

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"Unpuzzling Innovation" Book Chapter 7 Innovation Gaps and Pitfalls

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"Unpuzzling Innovation" Book Conclusion Mastering Innovation in a Structural Way

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