Friday, January 27, 2023


Venture investment is a complex business activity; investment management presents the value proposition as an “asset under construction,”

Organizations not only need to survive today, but also thrive for the future; it's critical to invest the resources, time and effort that all parties put into successful initiatives which can build new capabilities and generate new revenue for their business. 

The management can do the objective value justification for making better investment. Return on Investment should be expanded into a broader perspective which usually cannot be measured fully in time and dollars such as employee satisfaction, creativity, teamwork or culture evolution, etc.

Assess whether the business improvement is the right investment to be done in the first place: Organization has very limited time and resources, which business investment should provide the greatest return; and which should be invested in the future. Make sure the executive team first understands what it needs to drive future business growth and improve cash flow.

The investment assessment needs to be based on financial metrics and projections for future revenues, cash flows, and return on investment. Regardless of what type of investment philosophy you have, go beyond short-term gain, take a calculated risk and make a long-term investment, organizations have a better opportunity to shift from surviving to thriving mode.

Return on Investment tells the business management how well an investment repays the company: To survive and thrive for the long-term perspective, investment management should involve more planning, more compromise on budget expenditures, and changing outlooks on profit margins as a result.

The Return on Investment value proposition should be an overall measurement based on the combination of quality, performance, cost, schedule, and satisfaction of varying stakeholders. But to take the step further, understanding the satisfaction of stakeholders is what allows the measurement of multidimensional values investment can bring up to the business.

The risk assessment and management process helps investment management identify related risk issues about investment, and prioritize the activities they are committed to resourcing:
The risk assessment process helps investment management prioritize the activities they are committed to resourcing in addition to serving as a cross check for anything that they may have missed.

Investment in new information technology provides new capabilities and competence. However, IT investment is also costly, so risk assessment is extremely important to improve return on investment. Venture investment is a complex business activity; investment management presents the value proposition as an “asset under construction,” The investment justification needs to ensure that the organization spends the money in the right way, help the business open up new channels of revenue and monetization within the enterprise and their ecosystem, to get the right business results.


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