Sunday, January 22, 2023


Some traditions are out-of-date; some traditions need to be refreshed. Isn’t it the right time to self-reflect, renew energy, and make great influence.

he world has become much more complex and smaller all at once due to blurred territories, virtual interactions, or intriguing business relationships. It’s another time to celebrate traditions. express cultural diversifications; spark abundant creativity to welcome the year of Rabbit !

Benevolence: Have big ears and a small mouth; listen first, advice afterward. Without the inner balance of positive energies, we cannot achieve a perfect balance of emotions and logic to lead forward optimistically. In order to unify and advance human society, we need to present the virtue of benevolence. as collective minds and attitudes have to continue to move forward, not backward, so we have to reflect and examine our own thoughts, beliefs, and actions, to gain trust, respect. 

We should convey VIRTUE or share VALUE such as professional ethic value, culture value, societal value, global value, etc. It’s critical to understand and unlock the total value of people - a total of what the employee brings to the organization and society, now and in the future via multi-dimensional lenses. Benevolent leaders are in strong demand to set guidance, make influence to overcome the negative psychology and drive human world progress.

Agility: Overall, Agile is a mindset for change - from doing agile to being agile; from being an agile newbie to becoming a high-performing agilist. Agile enforces interaction, iteration, improvement and collaboration. Agilists are phenomenally disciplined in focusing on value, change, and collaboration. 

Self-organization directs the individual perspectives into creative, adaptive, iterative and incremental problem-solving approaches. The agile way is more adapted to changes, but shall not lose sight of the big picture.Agile does not mean laissez-faire, flexibility and freedom are based on the well-defined principles. Innovation Agility enables people to see and solve problems in flexible and adaptive ways.

: It’s the ability to maintain concentrated attention over prolonged periods of time. There is a continuous strive for better knowledge in the world in which we live. In order to innovate systematically, people have to slow down in a certain way for fine-tuning the underlying structures, functions, or culture. Or put another way, crouch down in order to turn around, bend over in order to make a leap; slow down in order to speed up. 

The lucky animal of this year represents speed, innovation, agility, integration, modernization, optimization, intelligence, value creation, vigilance, peace etc. The challenges for both individuals and organizations are to pay attention to CRIC-cycle (Crisis, Response, Improvement, Complacency), and how to try to break the cycle, or transform the last stage (complacency) into a "vigilance" status.

Some traditions are out-of-date; some traditions need to be refreshed. Isn’t it the right time to self-reflect, renew energy, and make a positive influence?We are all part of cultures, most people are culture followers; some are culture irritators, only very few can make an influence on shaping an innovative, progressive culture. A leader who is completely influenced by the existing culture would no longer have the ability to evolve it because their vision would be narrowed and blurred....Forethoughtful leaders should explicitly seek to create an environment in which people can grow, and businesses focus on dynamic resources, modular capabilities, and scalable performance.


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