Tuesday, January 17, 2023


An innovative organization can glue up loose components into unique innovation capabilities,

Innovation is to have a new perspective on things and solve problems alternatively. Innovation follows basic rules, which are adapted depending on the company's ambition and situation. 

Innovation management has a very low success rate. It takes processes, methodology, and practices to identify the causes and it takes a great deal of effort to glue up all crucial ingredients into differentiated innovation capacity, outline the total system at work in an enterprise that accomplishes innovation in a structural way.

Business architecture as glue to build an innovation platform: The elements of an outdated innovation system are perhaps built by applying out-of-favor, or at least depreciated tools, running on out-of-favor platforms, having people with outdated knowledge. Business architecture of the future will be positioned as the glue between customers and the business; between business knowledge and change practices. Only by aligning the outside view with the inside view, can you understand the needs of people but also the channels needed to support them.

So business architecture can be used as a glue to integrate an effective innovation framework, as well as a tool to explore innovative management discipline and handle complexity, clarify innovation strategy; bring together purpose, knowledge and more to create an environment to suit the purpose. Architecture is the art and discipline of designing a people-centric organization; it helps to understand all aspects of the innovation from the customer's perspective. It integrates customer experience with business design for planning and architecting future businesses, further fueling more collaboration in innovative initiatives and optimizing innovation capacity.

Information technology is often the glue to integrate varying components into business innovation capabilities: Innovation has a broader spectrum and diverse taste, information technology helps to glue up the innovation framework which enables the business to manage innovation in a structural way. The broader the scope, scale, and impact of the innovation, the higher quality information technology management is needed to glue up an integral innovation management portfolio. Running IT as the innovation glue so that IT leadership has greater opportunities to stand out and take a lead in driving innovation across their companies.

IT is more like glue than a tool for integrating all important business elements into the business innovation capability. The management needs to understand the possibilities of how information technologies can enhance the creation or improvement of products and services while balancing the technical and business risks, the investment needed, and timing, etc. Running IT as an innovation glue enables the business to manage innovation in a systematic way and improve the success rate of innovation.

The best people are the superglue of the best team, and the best teams are the effective vehicles for the best people in catalyzing innovation:
It is the age of the people, but people are still the weakest link in innovation management. It isn't easy to bring together the best and mold them into an effective innovation team, and there's more to it than what you might think about. The real challenge is getting everyone to collaborate effectively. The best or the right people are the cornerstones of the best team; while the best team with complementary thinking capability can generate fresh ideas and implement the best of them effectively.

What underpins the innovation process and methodology is the genuine valuing of people. Not every person has the same level of innovation capability, so the best people are the superglue of the best innovation team. There are different innovation personas such as idea generators, innovation navigators, implementers, assessors, etc, when people feel valued, they contribute significantly. So encourage the team to always embrace another point of view, and help to glue a clear and more colorful picture for achieving innovation excellence.

Organizations need to take a structural approach to manage digital innovation. An innovative organization can glue up loose components into unique innovation capabilities, continue to deliver personalized solutions to tailor customers’ needs by enforcing an effective idea generation-selection-implementation cycle. Innovation is a journey and is therefore not possible to pre-describe how it will work out. To run an innovative business, an interconnected systematic innovation management approach has become an art out of necessity to address critical issues, clarify strategies, and advocate inclusiveness to build a high-innovative organization.


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