Monday, January 23, 2023


Imagine the possibilities if the citizens of the world committed to being kind as a way of being.

The world has become much more complex and smaller all at once due to blurred territories, abundant knowledge, virtual interactions, intriguing business relationships, and fierce competitions. In order to unify and advance human society, business leaders and professionals need to convey the virtue of benevolence which requires a thoughtful mind and consistent good behavior; presents high-quality professionalism such as positive mentality and attitude, fair judgment and problem-solving competency.

Value: To really recognize the value, we must value everything. People’s mindsets, skills, capabilities, and professionalism. The total value of what the employee brings to a business, now and in the future via multi-dimensional lenses such as integrity, productivity, quality, creativity, etc. The variety of value perspectives opens our mind, and harnesses the values that each of us can bring to the table. Individually, you need to look at all aspects of professional traits, work ethic, influence, creativity, experience, capability, achievements and performance, and the hidden potential each employee has if given the opportunity to excel.

Collectively, if there are no values "glue" to keep everyone motivated by the collective endeavor, then you lose the vision to run a performance business. Belief in the high value of both team and each team member. Running a successful organization has to explore both the art and the science of value management discipline to generate multidimensional value to stakeholders. The value-based management enhances good guidance, improves effectiveness, unlock business performance, and achieves collective advantage.

Objectiveness & fairness: Fairness means to be unprejudiced, equitable, objectiveness, dispassionately examining, sound judgment, etc. Being fair and objective is not only a cognitive skill, but also a deep cultural thing for understanding gaps, misbelief, or conventional wisdom, etc, in order to overcome them. Objectivity is the science we set standard to evaluate, leverage quality information to analyze, and examine the facts to overcome a variety of bias dispassionately. As to make fair judgment, it must be based on the best information available, well processed and interpreted accurately.

To be fair and less judgmental takes self-awareness, inclusiveness, insightful observation, discernment, tolerance, having emotional excellence to address ignorance and assumption. A more discerning individual is better equipped to make considerably fair judgments and improve objectivity by consciously being aware that data is filtered and do our best to make sure our filters support thriving. Generally speaking, fairness is a professional quality and it is the journey to pursue truth, deepen understanding, build trust, enhance professionalism in pursuit of advancement.

Trustworthiness: People may have different value systems for trust, leading and working in such a dynamic environment requires acting in ways that provide clear reasons to decide to trust. Integrity harnesses trust. Trust gap further creates performance or innovation barriers and makes businesses or the society as a whole getting stuck at the low level of maturity.

Mistrust is caused by a lack of integrity, contextual understanding, presumptions or illogical reasoning. The key to trust is to establish trustworthiness as a character trait. You can't build trust or motivation effectively with people who themselves lack credibility. No blind trust or trust too little; true trust is based on integrity and credibility. Consistency is a trait to enhance credibility; credibility enforces trust. Behaving in a trustworthy manner is crucial to become benevolent, build high professionalism and achieve high performance results.

Benevolence is a mindset that has to be put into practice on a daily basis in decision making before it becomes natural for some people. It feels good to be kind and to believe your kind actions will make a positive difference. Imagine the possibilities if the citizens of the world committed to being kind as a way of being.


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