Wednesday, January 18, 2023


Lack of objectivity is caused by -the narrow lens-see the tree, But miss the forest; know the part, But ignore the whole…

Problems are problems,

But they are-

also opportunities;

we learn, grow, explore via -

direct experience;

But also learn from-

others’ as well;

are we able to-

do the best for-


not just watch,

But perceive;

not just listen to-

what’s been said,

believe it, blindly,

But make a discernment,


Knowledge is fundamental to -

reinvent the future;

But without imagination to-

"believe in the possible,"

future would not be-

as bright as -

we desire to see;

innovation not only takes-


But also needs-

process, hard work to -

rise above -

learning curve,


Being innovative is not -


But ingenuous;

connect ideas,

But also people,


individualism and collectivism are-

not exclusive,

But complimentary,

to unleash human potential,


People do wrong things,

not because of ignorance,

But because of-

poor judgment,

due to the lack of-

comprehensive knowledge;

profound understanding;

many come to believe -

boundaries are not-

tangible places of -


But are -

self-imposed limitations,

humans place on themselves to-

hide fear to -

move forward,


We cannot control intuition,

But we can control -sensation;

lack of objectivity is caused by -

the narrow lens-

see the tree,

But miss the forest;

know the part,

But ignore the whole;

reality is -

two sides of -

the coin;

if we stand at-

the right angle to -

see both sides, clearly;

we know even -

they are different,

But both hold part of -

truth in it.


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