Thursday, January 19, 2023


As if our consciousness at every stage of evolution is synchronized with the spirit of nature; we would need to think profoundly about our progress as a human race.

s the world becomes more hyperconnected, interdependent, and the varieties of boundaries are blurred; we are experiencing a paradigm shift from information scarcity in the industrial age to information abundance in the digital era.

From an evolutionary perspective, this is what we humans have always done and will continue doing; exploring our minds and bodies for the latent powers inherent inside cognitively, physically, systematically, to generate creative energy and advance human society.

All of us humans are time-variant expressions across a spectrum of possibility and capability:
People, business, society or the earth, are complex adaptive systems which keep evolving. To optimize, harmonize, and orchestrate a better world together, an anthropological viewpoint opens our eyes to a spectrum of changes with so many different shades and colors.

There are people who argue for their limitations, and there are people who dare to challenge common beliefs, build professional capabilities, and explore possibilities. High-competitive people or teams spontaneously self-organize; discover patterns, create novelty over time. Collaborative, it's important to clarify the vision, set global standards, build common ground, gain universal understanding of crucial problems, align resources and people properly, take an interdisciplinary approach to make collective progress and advance human society steadfastly.

All of us have some artistic talent, creative instinct while we also have scientific disciplines and logical reasoning skills: All of us have certain strengths; some are more artistic, and others are more scientific. If art is an innate process for deep observation, inspirational creation, abstract understanding or creative expression, science is the methodical process of identifying logical reasons, concrete scenarios, experimental methods, step-by-step procedures, and bringing up provable outcomes. On one side, we need to discover and develop our innate talent; on the other side, we should become more interdisciplinary, thrive to be either specialized generalist; or generalized specialist progressively.

Art is not always spontaneous, science is not always rigid; there is a variety of categorization, generalization, specialization, inference & deference logic in them. It is essential that we in business operate with a full understanding of both art and science and how they can work together to create and implement stronger ideas. Regardless of who you are and what you’ve accomplished, one of the biggest challenges will be to remain humble and believe that there is always a lot more knowledge still out there; we need to keep learning and grow our talent constantly.

Rapid change and fierce competition demand all of us to continuously maintain and grow their expertise and cultivate creativity
: The new age of abundant information, multidimensional thinking and interdisciplinary approach attributes value and purpose to the ever-expanding ecosystem. High potential employees are those who understand that learning is a lifetime experience, and then their skills and experience will be a building block for integrating more complex professional capabilities.

We solve problems large or small on a daily basis. The exercise of blending people's problem-solving abilities to produce the desired outcome is a worthwhile thing to do. All of us working together to solve bigger problems, is neither just a mere cumulation of the creative inputs of those involved; nor only a synchronizing of their individual inputs to make something that no one individual would achieve. It is more than that; it has its own dynamic that is in a state of constant flux to exponentiate its impact if the right people are put in the right position, and the collective whole is superior to the sum of pieces.

As if our consciousness at every stage of evolution is synchronized with the spirit of nature; we would need to think profoundly about our progress as a human race; all of us should be more authentic, discover our natural talent, growth and flow freely; appreciate others’ talent as well, communicate and collaborate frictionlessly, to solve problems with common interest and lift up humanity steadfastly.


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