Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Realignment, refinement or realization are all critical steps in harnessing innovation, accelerating business evolution, with an ideal aim for the betterment of humanity.

The beauty of the digital landscape is the fresh insight of business. An intelligent organization always looks for opportunities across business boundaries to improve value-generation, identify & prevent risks for increasing business agility, reinvent organization for unlocking performance, harnessing innovation by building cohesive, agile, and intellectual capabilities. 

Keep evolving and renewing to achieve the state of dynamic balance, build differentiated business competency and improve the organizational maturity.

Realignment: Both businesses and ecosystems environments are not static, keep evolving with rapid change and frequent disruptions. It’s important to align and realign the business priority and enterprise resources & value chain to achieve strategic goals of the business. Replace the "glue" of the hierarchy with something more fundamental such as common value, purpose, people development, customer satisfaction, etc.

Values alignment and realignment is certainly key to employee engagement as is alignment with purpose. Where there is alignment, then autonomous actions ought to be possible while still aligning with clear vision. Realignment is necessary if organizational management upgrade with repurpose, redefine themselves to create a unique brand and reinvent themselves to reach the next level of business intelligence.

Refinement: Anthropologically, refining your true purpose is a helpful instrument to guide yourself, team, organizations to co-solve problems and move forward. Technically, information refinement enables businesses to understand customers at a deep level, so you can design and produce personalized solutions fitting their needs and achieve the multifaceted business value effectively.

Organizations also take an integral knowledge refinement approach, manage interdisciplinary knowledge, allow people to understand new topics and get access to knowledge effortlessly for getting problems solved effectively. Process refinement often goes hand-in-hand with organizational structure management, establishing early buy-in and support through analysis of how the business initiatives impact the people in the organization in order to refine people-centric process management up to the next level of maturity.

Realization: Problem-solving is both art and science. Creating the awareness of the problem is the first step to making a solution be understood and accepted, realizing “we can't stay the same,” the realization only comes when the problem is perceived. Realization indicates the wisdom that you have learned by observing your previous actions in order to improve change and problem-solving effectiveness.

All scientific principles relevant to problem-solving should be used but with your artistic improvisation. Strategic problem-solving is a process of drawing artistic realization about the best future into a scientific canvas. Change is never for its own sake, but for problem-solving. Organizational change management has a strong role in strategic problem-solving and business transformation, benefits realization, and strategy execution.

In the rapidly evolving businesses and dynamic digital economic systems, making business transformation is critical but challenging for the company’s long term survival and thriving. Realignment, refinement or realization are all critical steps in harnessing innovation, accelerating business evolution, with an ideal aim for the betterment of humanity.


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