Thursday, January 26, 2023


Business transformations are generally associated with high-cost initiatives around risk, availability, business enablement, or sourcing. Influencing is a journey with a set of practices.

Due to the complexity and ever-changing business dynamic, we are inextricably linked, in real time and in ways far more imminent than most realize today. Visionary professionals are progressive and proactive, anticipate change, have cultural cognition, acceptance of complexity and its contradictions, leverage multiple influencers in the enterprise to optimize complexity and improve organizational agility and maturity.

 That means influencers need influencing tools to amplify influence impact, defining the true purpose as a helpful instrument to make influences consistently.

Architecture as business influencer: Business architecture is one tool that can be used in the strategic planning arena to help determine what needs to be done for the enterprise to reach its strategic goals. Architecture needs to be a key influencer in strategic decisions, helps to evaluate the impacts of different strategic decisions, but it is not really responsible for how those decisions are reached. The essence of architecture can help lubricate enterprise integration; enhance enterprise adaptability, accelerate strategy execution, and improve enterprise performance.

The business environment is dynamic and complex, business architecture are influencers, hopefully, trusted advisors, in complex situations, in which architectures can see the greatest contribution to the ability of the organization to meet its business model intent, articulate what the pros and cons of each investment option are both for today and the proposed tomorrow.

Information Technology as influencer:
Information permeates everywhere in the organization, technology impacts every aspect of modern society. More often than not, information technology becomes a driver for radical and breakthrough business innovation. The Information Technology function spends a very large amount of professional time working on the "business" side of things with structured approaches that lead to real decisions and properly resourced business initiatives. They could be good influencers in terms of looking at things differently, contributing ideas, offering new methods and capabilities, and so on.

In handling unprecedented uncertainty and complexity, an insightful question could be: When and under what circumstances do the logical thoughts of decision-makers become clouded with mistaken judgments, beliefs and strategic choices. The information & technology group should be part of business influencers in order to arrive at optimal problem-solving for the benefit of the company. IT also needs to be the key business influencer, both providing input for strategy making and capturing output for business improvement and capability optimization.

Insightful experts as business evolution influencers:
In the hyper-connected and interdependent global society, the deeper you can think, the broader your vision is, the more articulated and empathetic you can communicate, the deeper influence you can make, with the tolerance of ambiguity. As command and control style of management gradually loses its steam, business leaders and knowledge professionals in the digital era should practice their expert power to make influence via knowledge sharing and insightful persuasion to connect the minds and improve leadership influence.

Nowadays, the borders between knowledge domains are blurred, the interdisciplinary understanding is important to connect wider dots in an ecosystem with all its dependencies and interconnections. Corporate leaders or professionals with solid interdisciplinary expertise have the ability to review the past and perceive the future with high level of accuracy; have the ability to identify key leverage points in which the non-proportional impact can be made; have the ability to make influence in the large scale problem-solving. In fact, the expert power can make influence more profound, empathetic, and long lasting.

Business transformations are generally associated with high-cost initiatives around risk, availability, business enablement, or sourcing. Influencing is a journey with a set of practices. Business architecture as a business evolution influencer provides a big picture type of guidance; information technology as an influence improves business competency to innovative problem-solving. Knowledge experts as influencers are able to influence others, inspiring commitment, and push the human world forward inspirationally.


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