Thursday, January 19, 2023


All the knowledge in the world will not do anything unless it happens to be followed as a process.

Organizations today are confronted with unexpected disruptions, rapid changes, and fierce competitions. Knowledge is the driving force to reinvent businesses. 

The purpose of knowledge management in business is value creation. The role of knowledge management is being a generator, amplifier, and accelerator of value creation.

Knowledge as a value generator: As the purpose of all businesses is value creation; organizations can choose knowledge management at the strategic level, it would ride on all important concepts to create and sustain competitive advantages. Technically, the problem to be solved is to deal with this mountain of information with both technology and human know-how, then to convert this information into valuable knowledge in handling business uncertainty effectively, improving decision effectiveness and solving problems innovatively.

An effective IT-enabled knowledge platform or tools are efficient, however, many other aspects of knowledge management cannot be solved by technology only. It needs to look at all the present collaborative processes already being used to evaluate them for knowledge based value generation holistically. It’s important to enhance knowledge sharing, decision making, and follow on actions based on the decisions made.

Knowledge as innovation and value amplifier: When moving forward, a healthy way of presenting business value is a great way to seek fresh knowledge and unique insight. Business professionals today share their insight and wisdom. In order to innovate and be more progressive, take advantage of all information available, you need to trust and share diversified views and create new knowledge, spark possibilities that happen in conversations of purpose and trust, and amplify collective insight as a value amplifier.

In fact, knowledge and creativity are the two faces of the same coin innovation. Knowledge is fundamental for making imagination into reality by streamlining idea management effectively. It is the responsibility of the leader to initiate his or her team to break the silos, realize the common goals or strategy which are far more important than the personal and departmental goals, encourage knowledge sharing, cross-boundary collaboration to create business value structurally.

Knowledge as value accelerator:
The speed of change is accelerating, knowledge becomes outdated quickly. High professionals with a growth mindset need to accelerate their learning cycles of learning-thinking-understanding-creating, or asking-learning-sharing-criticizing, effectively. They have to keep collaborating, clarifying, building on each other's ideas, discovering nuances and unexpected relationships, and so on, all of which enriches their thinking and contributes to a fabulously rich output. To accelerate value creation, the breadth and depth of knowledge, its prospects and practices for building collective learning capability of the organization, enriched experiences, personalized training, are all important to refurbish some old knowledge, and encourage new knowledge generation.

The ultimate aim of learning knowledge is to gain wisdom. And wisdom is the most crucial element to transform human society for betterment. All the knowledge in the world will not do anything unless it happens to be followed as a process to generate value constantly.


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