Tuesday, May 3, 2022


In the digital workplace, forethoughtful leaders create a vision and path for workforce analytics and a variety of people-centric intelligence.

Today's digital workforce is technology savvy and a hyper-diverse new breed, developing a high mature digital workforce to build competitive advantage won’t happen overnight. 

Organizations today need to redefine themselves in which talent can develop and learn more rapidly than anywhere else, they get placed into the most conducive environment in which they can flourish and make the maximum contribution not just to the business but to their own career path and life journey.

Workforce analytics: Nowadays, knowledge is only a click away, today’s workforce is information savvy and technology fluent. The cross-generational, cross-cultural, and cross-devicing team members need to make the right decision by accessing the right information at the right time, work collaboratively to co-solve problems and make collective progress.

Organizations across the industrial boundaries use a variety of internal and external data sources to make predictions about business professionals’ mindsets, actions and behaviors. They apply data based analysis to identify, develop and retain talent, engage workforce planning & deployment & development by identifying when, where and what type of workers will be needed in the future. The goal is to leverage information in a creative way to gain predictive insight and competitive advantage.

Sentimental analysis: The workplace today is the mixed combination of virtual and face to face social interaction. Now with unstructured analytical capabilities combined with social pulse, the organization has more visibility of people's sentiments; recognize talent and gain in-depth understanding of their professional expertise, do social analysis to improve effective communication & collaboration, build a motivating environment to enable talent development, and encourage innovative problem-solving. The real-time organization shows the ability to access the right data at the right time at the right location, make context-based suggestions and recommendations, leverage workforce analysis as an integral component of talent management to discover and develop people’s talent, and ensure people are put in the right positions to get the work done effectively.

Doing sentimental analytics is the means to explore what’s in people's minds - the sentiments of people leaving and joining competitors, staff and opportunity marching, etc, gain empathy, take action for driving people-centric innovation and building a more customer-centric business. People will discover the reasons for attrition, the work environment by enhancing a healthy feedback cycle. So talent analytics can really add value in the way businesses recruit, retain, and nurture the talent. Look through the alternative talent pipeline and source candidates across-geographical boundaries to improve talent management effectiveness, improve employee experiences management, integrate performance and potential management.

Learning intelligence:
With shortened knowledge life cycles and commodity knowledge only a click away, today’s digital workforce become aware when some of the long-acquired knowledge is no longer applicable in certain situations; they must have the attitude to keep learning, as well as have learning aptitude and intelligence to learn fast and smart. They have to relearn the updated knowledge for gaining insight into the changing circumstance, and adapt more readily to whatever changes life/work throws at them to develop professional competencies.

There is greater transparency, more engagement and retention initiatives, and training to improve talent management effectiveness. Learning knowledge is even not enough, capturing insight is the must. Digital leaders and professionals with learning intelligence can critically examine their thinking and reflect thoroughly on what attitude and behaviors helped them learn, they will become self-driven, better problem solvers.

In the digital workplace, forethoughtful leaders create a vision and path for workforce analytics and variety of people-centric intelligence to capture futuristic trends, do deep analysis of people and processes, identify candidates that will assimilate and perform well in the organization, increase retention of critical workers and harness innovation to build high performance business.


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