Wednesday, May 4, 2022


Branding is a structural process with a set of personalized methodologies and practices to reflect individualism, inspire innovation and amplify progressive influence.

We are all unique human beings with a certain level of creativity, diverse mindset, talent, skillset, professional and life experience. Personal branding is the well-blended professional traits of character & charisma, substance & style; reflecting your authenticity, uniqueness, true quality and usefulness to the audience, organization, or society. 

A good brand starts with the person being absolutely clear about who they are, how they think, what they do, who they will do it for, and crystal clarity about what value they will bring to the table to benefit or delight their audience. A typical brand value-chain includes the logical steps with meaningful activities to clarify strategic goals, build & expand audience, enhance and sustain reputation.

Identify what the brand stands for: We are all different, look differently; think differently, and act differently. In order to create an impressive brand, it’s critical to discover the inner self: Who am I really, from a different perspective, cognitively, professionally, psychologically? Etc. Once you discover who you truly are, allow those good values to guide you; identify what the brand stands for, how you can convey your value clearly, and become the magnet to attract people to enhance such a value proposition and amplify your influence.

The brand name is not just about “I” – the individualism in building; but also about “You” - Being able to quickly articulate the value that you can bring to others is critical to helping others learn about how you can benefit them. So they can grow, enjoy their professions or lifestyle, and even create an authentic brand for themselves. To put it briefly, follow the brand, but do not imitate blindly. Because the “Youness in You" means the inner you, who you are, from the bottom of your heart, the color of your DNA, and the top of your mind.

How would you like others to see and perceive the brand name: People are different as we perceive people or things differently. There is a discrepancy between subjective perception and reality. Sometimes there's a gap between self- reflection and how others view you due to social, cultural or cognizant differences. Thus, it’s important to not only clarify the substance of the brand you want to deliver; but also communicate it thoroughly to touch the mind and heart of a varying audience properly. If you are unclear about your own value, taste, style, others have no hope of understanding how you can help them, and will move on to someone they can understand.

In fact, creating meaningful, relevant, and compelling differentiation in the mind of the audience is the challenge. Branding is the connotation that it wants the audience to associate to. It’s more as a personalization process to generate a unique professional portfolio to reflect your ongoing professional journey to fit the taste of your audiences. However, notice the difference between personal branding and a negative style of self-promotion. Do not be someone you are not; do not always be the smartest person in the room; do not always take the credit, not the blame; do not compete for everything unprofessionally due to bloated ego, superficial understanding, or lack of empathy. Professional branding should help us refine who we are, reinvent ourselves to build long term competency and strong reputation.

The primary activities through which the brand name gets communicated:
It is not necessarily an easy task to "brand" in a seemingly over-competitive dynamic environment. Branding is an ongoing process with continuous deliveries. It’s important to strike the right balance of maintaining the strong adherence to focus on doing things that enhance a strong brand with progressive themes. The consistency of thinking-acting, dot-connecting need be in the practice of reflecting brand values, highlighting some unique and outstanding ones as a brand and a personal tagline.

People have to follow their heart, having the right mindset, attitude, skills, and willingness to participate in their brand development process proactively. The daily branding practices are not just some tedious routine or unconscious habits; but a set of creative activities to sharpen your cognitive abilities, strengthen your innate strength, develop your profile with a unique professional portfolio, and enhance your professional brand solidly.

Branding is a structural process with a set of personalized methodologies and practices to reflect individualism, inspire innovation and amplify progressive influence. It is a different way of looking at yourself as a creative human being; how you think and do things differently to make certain accomplishments, inspiring your audience to do the same for achieving more. With a strong brand, the commitment is that we have our vision and passions focused on a goal with a cohesive leadership to move the world forward collaboratively.


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