Friday, May 6, 2022


Leadership is about focusing attention and energy on the future to create a compelling and sustainable way forward.

Digital era is volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous, to bridge gaps and lead forward smoothly. Static leadership does not work well in the digital age. Leadership is situational and unique, local and global, intuitive and informative. It needs to become more inclusive coming in all shapes and sizes today. 

Great leaders lead by influencing, not through brute forces. Leadership innovation is a continuous practice based on clarified guiding principles and strong disciplines.

Setting a vision that is high enough to challenge the organization to excel: Leadership is about future and change. An effective leader must be the strategic visionary to lead transformative changes for making collective progress. They perhaps propose ideas ahead of their time or intend to fill the gap when people’s mindsets lag behind the era in which they live. Therefore, they need to focus on convincing, persuading, and collaborating; be able to facilitate and orchestrate the multitude of differences, values, cultures and gain a profound understanding of key success factors such as people process, and technologies in order to lead successful strategy execution, generate multifaceted business values, and improve organizational maturity.

Coming close to the fringes of leadership excellence means constant strides for excellence and making it a habit: Leaders being developed today are taught to be able to lead, focusing on what the situation or issues require, not confuse knowledge with leadership ability. Leadership is a practice with a differentiated set of competencies. Excellence in all you do is something you should strive for, to try as long as you don't get too obsessed because that is where you push yourself beyond your comfort zones; it helps you stretch out to pursue perfecting. A high mature leader needs to practice expert power to influence and innovate; also use position power wisely to empower talented people to reach high expectations for excellence in performance, co-solve problems creatively.

Great leaders should be ideal coaches to grow more leaders for unlocking human potential:
Due to increasing pace of changes and exponential growth of information; there is a surging need which is related to the realization that the gap is widening because people adapt to changes with different speed. A great leader is a passionate coach to cultivate more authentic leader; by mentoring, you are showing that you value others, they understand the value of harnessing the differences and proactively build inclusive teams and organizations in which people are encouraged to think independently; figure out better ways to solve problems, Great leaders are great educators who share knowledge with passion, to unlock the potential of the company's best and brightest, show the team how to explore their own natural skill sets, talents, and strong sides, take into account their own objectives in line with working needs and strive to become a leader themselves.

Leadership is about focusing attention and energy on the future to create a compelling and sustainable way forward. The traits that help make a leader effective depend on the situation. Generally speaking great leaders demonstrate the very characteristics of vision, intelligence, adaptability, diversity, consistency, profundity, and empathy. Leaders not only learn by themselves but also advocate a culture of learning. Highly influential leaders can practice high-effective leadership practices to accelerate digital transformation with consistency and persistence.


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