Saturday, May 7, 2022

Isn’t Gut-feeling “Special Thing”

Don't ignore -gut feelings, don't be- a slave to them.


Gut-feeling isn't -

a random loose arrow,

but a liberate imagination,

inner perception;

intuitive judgment,

“out-of- the- box” creativity.

"Gut feelings" represent-

intelligence of -


operate well beyond-

conscious mind;

connect passion to-

the vision;

find its expression in -

compelling story;

behavioral actions,


Don't ignore -

gut feelings,

don't be-

a slave to them,

complemented it with

good logic,

to solve problem,


Learn to -

trust intuition,

based on -

practical experience,

life experience.

You are -

courageous enough to-

follow the gut,

curious enough to -

understand -

the surroundings,

learn to -

liberate the imagination,

come up with -

a new approach to-

the world,



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