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The fitting mindset with leadership commitment makes problem-solving effective.

We live in a dynamic environment with information exponentiality, unprecedented uncertainty, and frequent disruptions. Many business problems are complex; a solution is vague or temporary if the problem is not perceived comprehensively. Until the underlying problem is addressed, the symptom will continue to return. That wastes time and energy. 

We all have to walk in the shoes and see the problem or situation from the others’ point of view, identify the real problems with intriguing pieces, and take an interdisciplinary approach to solve them from different perspectives.

Policy-based problem management
: Good policies encourage people to do good things, and become part of solutions. Bad policies discourage people from making progress or cause them to become part of problems. In the business setting, the management needs to see correlations between business purpose, policy, and problem-solving. What is first of all needed is to set the updated business “policy” in the language understood by stakeholders, to encourage positive mindset and constructive behavior, and improve problem-solving effectiveness. Good policies lubricate the business value chain, as people cross the boundaries will pull in the same direction, improve flexibility in structural problem-solving

In many circumstances though, organizational or social circumstances are only amended by rules, policies or process. The so-so policies enhance the “we always do things like that” mentality, stifle innovation; perhaps that’s the only way most managers have learned to handle problems in a conventional manner. It would be a strategic imperative to look at change dynamics proactively and make a right set of “policies” to enhance desired changes. Actually, good policies are the strategic constraint and necessary frame to shape the fitting mindset and behavior, encourage people to solve problems innovatively. By setting and following good policies, organizations can focus on coordination and facilitation, develop the best or next practices to proactive problem-solving.

Process-based problem-solving: Process is to manage knowing from flowing. Business process management is a "business" tag that recognizes the need to focus on people and their processes. As such, the problems addressed and benefits gained will be different depending upon which role you play as well as your perceptions and knowledge. Perception gaps will cause the blind spots when either defining the real problem or solving it smoothly. It’s critical to apply a cross-disciplinary approach to discover patterns and put the misplaced puzzle pieces in the right place until the premium solutions emerge.

From the process management perspective, it’s important to clarify sequence and consequence of problem-solving. Strong business processes management has a better chance to deliver a better result. Important processes need to be reviewed regularly, refined regularly and are transparent across the organization to help bring into alignment with key components of systematic problem solving. Technically, there are goal driven processes and event driven processes. Event-driven processes must have goals and goals driven processes must have events identified as well to provide a complete view. Both techniques should be used properly to solve problems effectively for generating multifaceted value.

Intrapreneurship based problem-solving:
Intrapreneurs can think out of the box, bring fresh perspectives to the table, bend some rules, take entrepreneurship activities to discover better ways to solve problems. Practicing intrapreneurship means the enterprise should go smarter and flexible, build the culture of risk intelligence to convert a problem into an opportunity, discover the new path for business growth as well as innovative problem-solving.

Intrapreneurs demonstrate a willingness to “not know”; be able to source new possibilities; ask tough questions, channel energy, enthusiasm, and ideas; break the rules if necessary. They also show the willingness to accept feedback, propose and deploy new ideas, new processes, new adventures to solve problems creatively. In established organizations, healthy intrapreneurship activities help to engage employees, enrich competitiveness, motivate people to solve problems proactively and unconventionally.

The fitting mindset with leadership commitment makes problem-solving effective. For every existing or emerging problem, we need to contemplate the varying causes behind it; ponder solutions from multiple perspectives in order to solve it for achieving desired value. Policy, process, entrepreneurship “can-do” attitude, etc, are all crucial to improve problem-solving agility. Being a structural and innovative problem-solver means you need to integrate different pieces of answers to ensure a cohesive solution to larger complex problems with less side effects, generate great value and make collective progress significantly.


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