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There is no one size fits all approach to addressing the different psychological responses and thereby reducing anxiety because there are different psychological perspectives.

Culture is collective mindset and behavior. Culture of innovation is a collective mindset and a prerequisite to run a sustainable business these days. 

Changing the culture is the mindset, although you can’t impose the desired culture to your organization, surely you can apply a clear logic to diagnose and fix culture related problems, following with the principles and practices to understand different cultures, transform your culture by pushing the "right or positive buttons."


                           Culture Chasm

Culture Chasm SymptomsThe digital world moves into a hyper-connected and interdependent digital relationship under “VUCA” business new normal. Multi-generational workforces have a different working style and life priority, with more dynamic team building and management discipline. Organizational culture as a collective mindset and attitude could be one of the most invisible and intimidating factors to influence your organization’s future. In reality, there is cultural chasm happens in the 21st century organization more often than ever such as:

Isculturalbeasthardtotame?Culture is the collective mindset, attitude, habit and corporate DNA. Most companies have trouble seeing their own culture as they are so immersed in it. Culture can lift their organization up to the next level of growth cycle or sink the business slowly. In fact, organizational culture could be one of the most invisible and intimidating factors to influence their organization’s future.

Is Culture Superior to Strategy Culture is the way, behavior; attitude or approach to work adopted by or embedded among a group of people in the conduct of business. Every organization has a culture - defined or not. Actual culture is a function of actual leadership, starting at the top. While the strategy is a set of choices set by business leaders, following with a series of actions to compete for the future. We all heard 'culture eats strategy for breakfast', does that mean culture is more important than strategy?

Unleashculturepotential Culture is a collective mindset and attitude. We all succeed together or fail together, culture is invisible, but one of the most crucial success factors that can lift up the spirit of business or intimates the survival of an operatized organization.

Innovativeculturepersonas Nature is a mindset, attitude, and competency of an organization. Every organization has a certain culture, or a set of subcultures. Culture is not one level but many. To succeed in any endeavor, you need to understand the culture and the drivers behind any action. To understand the culture, professionals need to explore the implicit cultural traits-the hidden beliefs that are difficult to know and take time to uncover.

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