Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Isn't a tough journey to celebrate #10100 blog postings - to pursue the digital way of brainstorming, innovating and story-telling?

Digital era is volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous, influence is made via brainstorming, asserting, presenting ideas via confident persuasion and interdisciplinary expertise, envisioning, negotiating & exchanging to get others’ see your point of viewpoints persuasively. 

With influential intelligence, the contemporary leaders or professionals can inspire, innovate, improve, interact, interpret, exemplify, encourage, and orchestrate change. They have vision, discipline, insight, and empathy to lead forward with consistency. Isn't a tough journey to celebrate #10100 blog postings. Blogging is a way to express professionally and amplify leadership influence continuously.

Innovative leaders view the whole picture and apply interdisciplinary knowledge and creativity in areas not tried, make influence all the time: Leadership is an influence, influence can be used to define a good leader who has a vision to share, guide people toward that vision or make the vision sustainable. Influence comes from wisdom, wisdom is based on knowledge, but more than knowledge, there is personalized learning and insightful understanding to expand the horizon.

The power of influence has many dimensions and depends on a number of factors such as insight you refined, the experience you accumulated, the story you shared, all held together by a collection of confidence. High influencers are good at persuasions. As persuasiveness is so interrelated with influence; being persuasive needs to be authentic, convincing, consistent, and persistent, to make sure your thoughts can be interpreted accurately, knowledge is shared generously, and acted in the desired way.

To influence is to genuinely observe, gently remind, and gradually permeate: Today’s contemporary digital leaders and professionals must keep learning, improving, innovating, and influencing on a daily basis for developing differentiated professional competency. In addition, you must develop talent, core competencies, have strong ethics, responsibility, integrity, and empathy to amplify your influence.

Everyone is influenced by culture but just a few can influence culture. To amplify influence, it is important to keep communication open and creative, leverage the richness of multiple digital communication channels to attract more audience, inspire authenticity; growth of mind, engagement, trust, and innovativeness.

Understanding, sharing, questioning, listening, is vital to amplify leadership influence in the digital world:
Due to the exponential growth of information and the shortened knowledge cycle, expert power which has the foundation of in-depth knowledge, profound insight, and abstract wisdom is perhaps more powerful than other types of powers in the digital era, to connect the minds and win the hearts.

Knowledge professionals continuously expand the knowledge horizon, through such expansions, new knowledge is developed, their reputation as an expert can amplify their leadership influence. Real-time sharing and anticipation, transparency, active listening, and two-way trust are crucial ingredients in deepening influence. An individual who over time through learning, practice, and understanding, has become an expert, they can constantly share their expertise to make an influence.

The dimensions of influence vary, there are many ways to influence and there are all different types of influencers for leading collective progress. Professional influence is based on clear vision, strong logic, deep insight and persuasive communication. High professionals today require an integration of different sets of knowledge and expertise across multiple disciplines, build intellectual empathy, touch hearts and shape minds, and have abilities to “calibrate their impact”constantly.


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