Thursday, December 1, 2022


Back to the root of the word “profundity,” it means insightful understanding.

owadays, the world becomes complex, unpredictable, knowledge is only a few clicks away, but sometimes misinformation or outdated concepts cause silo and confusion. Profound mind can read between the lines, see around the corner, communicate empathetically, and make progressive changes consistently. 

In fact, profundity is one of the crucial professional traits to lead effectively and solve problems smoothly. It’s important to analyze and synthesize information, examine your thought processes and make sure you are open to true understanding, form your own opinions, and reach a high level of cognitive maturity.

Profundity implies objective perception, interdisciplinary contextualization, systematic insight: Your perception affects your world and what you project on the world, as well as how to respond to the world. People misunderstand or mistrust each other because of pre-conceptual assumptions, cognitive biases, stereotyping, extreme thinking, etc. It’s important to cultivate cognitive abilities to ensure that your version of perception is more objective, closer to the actual reality; think deeper and act step-wisely. 

Being profound is also about balance, upon striking the right balance without any sort of extreme thinking or unconscious bias; being confident and humble, being passionate and cool-headed. Profundity is not for its own sake, but to be more persuasive for communicating with clarity or become more influential for leading forward by connecting the mind or unifying the difference.

Profound understanding is critical, but not negative; paradoxical, but not confusing; sophisticated, but not manipulated; creative, but not naïve; mature, but not outdated: In terms of profound understanding, it’s critical to integrate different viewpoints; search for new perspectives, and gain an accurate holistic understanding of the overall situation without ignoring interdependence, in order to dig into the root cause of the problems, and solve them holistically.

 It is the responsibility of each individual to examine themselves and to make sure they are open to profound understanding, have the better opportunities to connect the dots across the boundaries, look at the wider aspects around problem space, frame the right problems and solve them smoothly.

Profound leaders are able to see beyond the obvious, look around the corner, gain deep insight: 
Businesses today become much more hyper connected, and interdependent than ever, the boundary of knowledge domains is blurred and the scope of knowledge is expanded in the continual base. Being profound implies sound judgment and clear discernment. Being profound also means consistency-being consistent in the habit of learning, acting, and problem-solving. 

Too often, people may take the easy path, think and work at a superficial level, a profound mind is both open and deep, leverage multiple thinking processes in dealing with varying situations wisely, gain deep insight of a problem, and take a more holistic approach to solve it thoroughly.

Climbing the Knowledge-Insight-Wisdom pyramid is a thorny journey with all critical steps in gaining profundity. Profound leaders and professionals are open and deep at the same time, being able to apply nonlinear logic in dealing with varying situations wisely, improve cognitive competency, to reach the deep state of consciousness and improve leadership maturity.


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