Sunday, February 5, 2023


Logic is neither the same as conventional wisdom nor linear understanding nor arithmetic rules only.

The business world is complex, to understand things insightfully, we have a predisposition to seeking patterns, or potentially in the pursuit of logic. Logic is based on information oriented reasoning with different scenarios to diagnose it and multiple ways to solve it. 

You have to challenge automatic assumptions or the existing business best practices because they are perhaps outdated already, clarify logic of crucial problem-solving, improve organizational management practices.

Logical understanding of a specific cause and effect in a specific context for problem-solving with multidimensional thought processes: The most important capability of the cognitive mind is the willingness and ability to seek out knowledge, gain in-depth understanding of issues or people, always challenge conventional understanding and ensure that the question itself is corrected before answering, make logical reasoning about cause-effect, and address our ignorance and the assumptions objectively.

With the rapid growth of information and fast-paced changes, it’s important to challenge conventional wisdom and eliminate pre-conceptual assumptions or unconscious bias. Make more logical “assumptions,” discover interconnectivity and interdependence. Because when the assumption is wrong, the conclusion will also go wrong. Being insightful is the ability to see through things on the surface, either from the broader lens or deeper perspective, clarify logic via objective perception, contextual understanding, and paradoxical empathy, etc, to improve decision intelligence.

Logical steps to follow in effective problem-solving to ensure you are doing the right things, before doing things right: For problems that matter, it cannot be done asynchronously. Usually problem-solving is based on ‘logic.’ There are many thought processes behind problem identification and there are various step-wise approaches to solve problems seamlessly. The combined costs of many decisions without the benefit of risk management can be staggering, or even devastating to their business.

Identify and close all sorts of blind spots, break down bottlenecks, bridge a variety of gaps. Look out of the problems before looking into the problems in order to define the right problem and solve it in a structural way. In a dynamic business environment, before you know it, you are changing, the team is changing, bringing more people into the circle of change over time, breaking down the status quo and breaking through conventional wisdom, to be informative and inquisitive in logic problem-solving with coherence.

Logical perspective of risk identification and management:
Lack of risk awareness creates more blind spots uncovered and gaps unfilled. People with strong logic are able to identify problems even if they are small, identify patterns, increase risk-awareness, set the right risk appetite, have great aptitude to understand the "complexity" of the given situations, and drive risk-intelligent attitude and behavior.

Every risk has opportunities in it; every opportunity implies potential risks. If a system has reached complexity, then you have to look more to the patterns of it, rather than the static views that most business practices. Only after extensive observation, can you gather adequate data, and only after studying each independent process by asking questions about each independent variable, and the samples you collect, can you make inductive-deductive logic smoothly. A successful understanding of risk leads to survival by mitigating risks, and then the accumulation of enough resources to thrive by building risk intelligence and improving organizational maturity.

Logic is neither the same as conventional wisdom nor linear understanding nor arithmetic rules only. Logic is often nonlinear and multidimensional in today’s “VUCA” world. Strong logic enables people to infer and defer, preliminarily understand the extent of any problems or conditions, grasp truths, facts. Logic enables us to uncover patterns and understand the interconnectivity underneath the surface, or unpuzzle the myth behind intelligence


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