Sunday, January 15, 2023


Organizational BoDs are the guiding roles, like the steering wheel of their company, leading the business toward the uncharted waters and blurred territories in achieving high performance results consistently.

Organizations are confronted with unexpected disruptions and fierce marketing competitions, shaping a world-class board is simply not the overnight phenomenon, but a continuous journey via leadership refinement and directorship rejuvenation. Leadership in itself is a constant learning process that requires the leaders to apply their growth mindset, leverage the right tools, and shape fresh insight to lead effectively. 

The digital board is diversified, cognitive, proactive, and instrumental, insightful BoDs are able to break down the decision bottleneck, bridge the gap of opportunity between where they are and want to become, cascading the changes from the boardroom to the front line of the company in order to accelerate performance and improve organizational maturity.

Boards of directors as a whole need to be able to create a holistic view with big picture understanding to oversee business strategy: Corporate boards leverage an effective governance model to address the concerns of the stakeholders, to ensure strategy execution is aligned with intent. As the effectiveness of strategy is based on well accepted and acknowledged understanding of the organization’s current reality, as well as envision where they are going to be.

Sometimes, the strategies are defined by people that are geographically far away and lack understanding of a variety of circumstances. Other times, the marketing conditions already change, so the strategic planning needs to be updated accordingly. The top seasoned corporate board of directors with decades of experience should clarify the vision and share invaluable lessons in the past from time to time insightfully; to oversee a variety of business success factors and key leverages.

The directorship in any organization must be able to build abilities to oversee and advise management as a digital guardian:
Top board leaders need to have both broad business acumen and deep expertise in the specific field. They demonstrate willingness to act as a coach and advisor to the executive. Inquisitiveness leads to the vision, vision further drives inquisitiveness to see things differently. Asking the right questions helps to validate how thoroughly the corporate board is thinking on a particular issue, and sets the tone for leadership effectiveness, strategic influence.

So board directors must gain an in-depth understanding of the organization and its ecosystem in order to become the digital mastermind and a credible business adviser. An effective board enables and directs management towards good outcomes. Corporate board leaders need to be able to look at problems or issues in such a way that a solution emerges through a collaboratively interdisciplinary and multicultural approach, so they can drive changes more confidently.

Corporate boards oversee the performance of the management team and the performance of the business, as well as their own performance
: The corporate board as one of the most crucial governance bodies plays an important role in setting digital principles, monitoring a performance management system to enforce accountability. 

In achieving the role of the performance monitor, the board needs to decide whether management is achieving expectations, gain an in-depth understanding of what’s blocking business achievements, targets, and advise the management on performance related issues, especially at the strategic level. They also assess their own board performance – are there appropriate skills and competence around the Board table to deal with these related issues giving their increasing prominence? It indicates BoDs’ relationships with the management and the variety of stakeholders. If all these parties would perform to the vision and mission of the organization, it would increase the multithread performance significantly.

It is a “paradigm shift” to develop world-class leadership and drive the organization up to the next level of business maturity. The corporate board as one of the top leadership pillars must influence and exemplify progressive leadership and help to shape an ultra-modern digital organization effortlessly. Organizational BoDs are the guiding roles, like the steering wheel of their company, leading the business toward the uncharted waters and blurred territories in achieving high performance results consistently.


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