Monday, January 16, 2023


Isn't a tough journey to- celebrate the holiday with #10,300 blog postings - to pursue- the digital way of brainstorming, innovating, motivating, story-telling?

The geographical, functional, industrial territories are blurred, business professionals belonging to different communities learn from each other to advocate the most advanced thinking, great ideas, unique insight in order to lead their organizations, and our society to the next level of progression. 

We are reaching the inflection point of the paradigm shift, occurring at the intersection of science, art, and economics to reach the next level of progression. Global leaders help to orchestrate such a large-scale transformation by bridging gaps, harnessing communication, fostering collaboration and renewing our vision to advance humanity constantly.

Next level of inclusiveness can be reached via idea-richness and vision-clarity: If we are truly connected to the world around us - our surroundings, our interactions with others, we are able to see further, deeper, and cross disciplinarily for making meaningful movement. Real inclusiveness needs to focus on cognitive differences, skills, abilities, improve decision effectiveness, and solve problems collaboratively. It’s important to align the outside view with the inside view, so that we can not only understand ourselves deeply enough, but also other people’s mindset and behavior empathetically, and support each other in this very interconnected world to drive changes collaboratively.

Every community perhaps has its own common beliefs, certain criteria about right and wrong. All the implicit knowledge of a particular social and cultural environment belongs to common sense. If focusing only on what makes people different, you actually gear their mind to think about differences first, perhaps build the walls in people’s minds. Therefore, it is crucial to advocate inclusiveness, balance diverse PoVs to bridge the multitude of differences in a more hyperconnected, interdependent global society. From diversity to inclusiveness is a necessary mind shift to harmonize the change.

Global leaders need to be learning agile, gain world-class insight, define progress of worldwide societies to unleash collective potential:
Working in multicultural and global environments and organizations, the world class leaders should effectively familiarize themselves with the geopolitical, anthropological, psychological, effects of globalization in all realms of the global perspectives, and leading change with cultural empathy. Global leaders set the progressive tones, harness different experiences, perspectives, and ideas of people, encourage people to express themselves, brainstorm and share ideas, and inspire inclusiveness,

We live in a global society with enriched knowledge, cultural heritage and diversity of talent and expertise. It's strategic imperative to frame the fresh mindset to see the ever-changing world via the multi-dimensional lenses, sets a directional guide for solving complex problems in a structural way. Innovative global leaders are structural orchestrators who can identify collective human potential, integrate all sorts of excellent ingredients into collective competency for solving critical problems at the global scope.

Global leaders and professionals look at the global economy with an innovative tone and creative lens around the world:
Global perspective is important in a more volatile, uncertain, ambiguous, hyper-connected and globally distributed world as it deepens a holistic understanding of circumstances and people with empathy. Nowadays, organizations are blended with diversified mindset, talent and cultures, see opportunity in uncertainty, identify potential and develop business capabilities continually. A healthy potentiality portfolio expands into the hidden dimension of global societal prosperity by building unique competencies, exploring the emerging opportunities, designing new business models, and investigating new paths for accelerating growth.

To identify collective potential and accelerate future performance, successful organizations should encourage people to learn and grow, potential is about future performance worthy investment. Global leaders take a holistic view that sees the world to be such a whole "as coherent and consistent as possible." They know how to collaborate with global stakeholders, apply a holistic view to eliminate confusion, take customized approaches to each problem, and make continuous adjustment, facilitate and orchestrate a global business ecosystem for unleashing the potential of global society.

The global philosophy comes from a worldview that looks at the world as one. Let the world as a whole run in a harmonized way by adopting the best of the best, from moral values to innovation practices. There is a delicate mix of multidimensional thinking, cross-domain expertise & experience, interpersonal skills, along with a lot of different attributes to improve world class leadership maturity.


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