Saturday, January 7, 2023


Shall we -be nice, both from -the bottom of the heart, the top of the mind? Can niceness be achieved via-cognitive benevolence, emotional excellence?

uman history is -

an evolutionary journey to-

keep advancing,


Being nice is -

a mindset,

put into practices,

requiring -

a thoughtful mind,

right attitude,

good behavior;

on a daily basis before -

it becomes-

part of human nature,


As humans,

it’s understandable to -

experience negative emotions,

but do not let -

negative feelings stay for-

too long;

learn to abide by nature,

let the positive dominate -

the negative;

keep constructive thoughts flowing,


Shall we -

be nice,

both from -

the bottom of the heart,

the top of the mind?

can niceness be achieved via-

cognitive benevolence,

emotional excellence?

Being nice is-



it is quite nice to-

see divergences of views,

come together for-

a common good;

shall we dive deeper to-

see the hidden value of people,

appreciate virtue of benevolence;

can we foresee-

the human nature of evolution,

will see us through -

even for many more centuries to come.


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