Saturday, March 25, 2023


Be aware of-our potential; to form the level of -conscious intelligence, we are seeking; admit our limitations.

People are urged by-

inner, rational compulsion to-

seek higher truth about -

human being;

be aware of -

our own strength, weakness,

explore our own way to -

bridge the gap of -

opportunity between -

where we are,

who we want to become.

Be aware of-

unconscious bias by-

observing deeper,

perceiving underneath-

the surface;

do not allow -

your biases to -

prevent you from-

making sound judgments;

clear discernment;

people can reach -

a state of -

pure awareness in which-

their mind is completely open to-

receive fresh ideas from -

collective pool;

being aware of -


with visible, invisible ingredients,


As a society,

we need to-

respect, encourage change,

difference, uniqueness.

be aware of-

our potential;

to form the level of -

conscious intelligence,

we are seeking;

admit our limitation;

be fully engaged with -

the inner world of -

thought, feeling, choice,

exterior world of-

experience, interaction,

increase influential outreach for-

the betterment of -

human society.


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