Wednesday, March 22, 2023


It’s the great leadership capacity to embrace “inclusiveness” as the globe theme to drive collective progress and make transcendental influence on the evolution of human species.

The global world we live in is in the digital paradigm shift, from silo to hyper-connectivities; from knowledge scarcity to information abundance; from stereotyping to open-mindness; from process driven to people-centricity; etc. With more distributed, multicultural, and different business models and an incredible pace of information growth and innovation demand, the global balance of knowledge, innovation, and economic power is shifting in a multi-polar world. 

There are leaders from the twentieth century whose profiles are very different from what is required for a global leader now in a hyperconnected, interdependent global world.

Influential, inclusive, insightful global leadership: Global society is complex with all sorts of perceptions, professions and personalities. Insightful global leaders and professionals can become true globalists if they are able to familiarize themselves with interdisciplinary effects of globalization in all realms of the global perspectives. People from different regions, religions, and cultural differences should refine their knowledge into more unified insight. It's important to advocate open-minded global leadership to harness empathic communication, effective decision-making, and step-wise actions, with the intention to build on morale and make global progress collaboratively.

The qualities and competencies of global leaders include such as tolerance of ambiguity, cultural empathy, learning agility, interdisciplinary expertise, communication effectiveness, decision intelligence, problem-solving competency, influential power. Global thinking involves understanding an organization or societal system by sensing its large-scale patterns and the big picture, and unification of leadership philosophy, in order to create synergy and set inclusion as leadership tones.

Influential global leaders are able to articulate and embody the diverse values and culture of learning and innovation: The global society is a fertile ground for new ideas, fresh insight and creative activities. Real societal advancement is made through the work of forwarding-looking minds, updating knowledge, and progressive activities. The global leaders coach the team along the way, including asking more questions as necessary, gain interdisciplinary knowledge, deepen contextual understanding of global society; collaborate cross-boundarily; respect global colleagues with multicultural backgrounds empathetically; engage with multiple internal and external stakeholders, customers and partners worldwide; and make effective decisions by leveraging variable factors objectively.

Nowadays, innovation is complex; but a differentiated competency to unlock collective potential. It takes world-class leaders who can connect global dots to inspire the evolution of human society that walk the talk when it comes to innovation. It’s the powerful force to not only understand the diversity of the global world with knowledge abundance, but also unify the world for advancing humanity collaboratively. In a highly innovative global society, all real change takes courage, to make global leadership shift from “command & control” to openness, innovation, guidance and delegation. A great manager does need to lead at times and a great leader does need to manage "at times." Both innovation leadership and innovation management are important to achieve innovation excellence.

Global leaders’ global influence is based on the value that they bring and the values that they are able to co-generate:
With emerging collaboration platforms and tools, global leaders can build their cross-border leadership capacity for connecting, inspiring, motivating, Focus on convincing, persuasion, and collaboration at the global scope. Global leadership certainly has to take into account cultural intelligence and how that affects communication, interaction, and collaboration between people with diversity of thoughts, characters, skills, styles, etc. They always look for the complementary mindsets, capabilities, and skills; they know how to collaborate with stakeholders of all stripes, so that they can build a highly competitive team to produce value-added results.

All human beings are more similar than different. It is possible to set the common global principles to bridge the difference. Our world has a blended color theme, enriched knowledge and culture heritages. Business leaders and professionals should lay out different thinking, structures, and solutions to see the world as an interconnected, interdependent and integrated system. Highly effective global leaders are independent thinkers who can broaden their viewpoints based on enriched global content; deepening their understanding with global perspectives.

We live in a hyperconnected and interdependent global society. It’s the great leadership capacity to embrace “inclusiveness” as the globe theme to drive collective progress and make transcendental influence on the evolution of human species. Global leaders and professionals today have to continue learning, sharing their viewpoint about things or events happening in the surroundings, their perspective of future global society, in order to solve complex problems, make profound influence and advance human society insightfully.


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