Tuesday, March 28, 2023


It is zeal and inspiration that energizes culture and refreshes leadership. It is profundity and innovativeness that deepen understanding of surroundings and advance human society.

e are moving to the deep, deep ecosystem dynamic; being profound means objective perception, empathetic communication, emotional excellence; discover underneath the logic behind who you are, where you are going; dig into the root cause behind complex problems. 

We are moving from a knowledge economy to a creative economy with an abundance of information. Profundity implies insightful understanding, professional sophistication, and nonlinear logical reasoning. Profound leaders and professionals demonstrate dynamic competencies to formulate unconventional alternatives to resolve problems, show flexibility in response to unpredictable or unanticipated circumstances, and build agility to lead forward smoothly.

It's important to think profoundly to overcome the subjectivity of personal perception: Cognitive gaps deepens miscommunication by enhancing pre-conceptual judgment, causal assumptions. In order to make sound judgment, really dig beneath the superficial layer, make scientific evaluation and comparison, optimize coherent processes, leverage the right set of information, weigh options appropriately to make an effective decision.

When you gain new knowledge and when you change your understanding of the past, new interpretations and possibilities emerge in the future. Critical thinking helps to break down the routine forces, and understand the interconnectivity between parts and the whole, for getting profound insight. An insightful leader has a deep perception to be a good communicator upon thinking profoundly, knowing when to voice out, when to keep silent; striking the right balance without any sort of extreme thinking or bias.

A profound mind is insightful, read between the lines; listen to what is not being said: If you always categorize people via physical identification only, you are not profound. If you only read the content without contextual understanding, you are not profound. If you capture the symptom on the surface, without digging into the root cause, you are not profound.

An insightful outlook helps to gain an in-depth understanding of cause and effect. Good assumptions are based on multidimensional thinking and knowledge-based perception and forecasting. In highly innovative organizations, to spark creativity and deal with many old and emerging problems, people are encouraged to challenge old assumptions, embrace different perspectives, update knowledge, and apply different ways to solve problems effectively.

Being profound means to be able to think independently with the capability to make sound judgments: Understanding requires a person's ability to grasp or comprehend information; being clear about your responsibility; being flexible to take alternative paths; being logical to handle complex issues step-wisely. A leader with a sustainable vision and profound insight, can take their organization through the necessary steps to reach a clearly set destiny.

There is no magic “thinking sauce” to make one’s understanding profound, individuals simply have to cultivate a healthy thinking habit, practice critical reasoning and multidimensional thinking to gain deep understanding of people and things. We can empty our mind of how things are usually solved, observe deeper, practice empathetic listening skills, and understand the circumstance profoundly. The togetherness of constant practices, profound knowledge, coherent processes actually used put into actions and produce premium outcomes.

It is zeal and inspiration that energizes culture and refreshes leadership. It is profundity and innovativeness that deepen understanding of surroundings and advance human society. Being profound is about balance, striking the right balance without any sort of stereotyping, unconscious bias, extreme thinking; being confident and humble at the same time, being passionate and cool-headed accordingly; being hard-working and effortless fluently, to reach the next level of professional maturity.


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