Saturday, March 25, 2023


Are you able to -look for-every opportunity from risks; besides identifying risks at -every opportunity to -make progress, uncompromisingly?

Life is like a seed,

inside each seed,

there is an unseen potential,

unimaginable colors,

uncompromised substances..

Each one of us is -

on the journey of changes;

the closer we can get to-

a clear, uncompromised place void of -

irrelevant complexity, intricacy,

the greater ability to -

move in-

a predictive pathway,

mitigate risk,

develop confidence,

determine what impacts, risks, challenges of-

any proposed changes could be.

It takes courage, mental toughness to-

break through-

conventional wisdom;

it takes persistence, determination to-

practice unconventional wisdom;

are you able to -

look for-

every opportunity from risks;

besides identifying risks at -

every opportunity to -

make progress, uncompromisingly?

People need to -

hold on to-

their common belief,

pull in the same directions,

But practice critical thinking,

challenge conventional understanding,

all should be synchronized in-

an uncompromised way,

to lead change,



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