Friday, March 17, 2023


Being “global” involves a personal intention to focus on moving up to the global growth trajectory.

Our global world is complex, often, changes or problems do not happen in isolation from each other in predictable ways. Because the world itself is a system, which means that any view of the world that is not based on the world being a dynamic system which keeps evolving, hyperconnected and interdependent, is outdated. 

Great globalists know how to carry themselves in global contexts, apply interdisciplinarity view to understand complex issues in a cross-boundary scope; shape an “inclusive mindset,” always look for capabilities they don’t have so that they can build a winning team with complementary mindset and competencies to unleash collective potential seamlessly.

Global professionals are able to apply multidimensional thinking, worldwide knowledge and culture empathy to develop worldwide insights: Nowadays the whole world is so hyper-connected and interdependent, it takes a holistic view to understand global organization as a living system with a set of interdisciplinary practices for moving the business to a dynamic, iterative, integral and interactive digital flow. In practice, the silo mentality often enlarges gaps and creates friction. If the situation is very natural and fluid, with a lot of inter-dependencies, it’s important to update and integrate different stereotyped viewpoints; and keep searching for new viewpoints that are holistic in order to understand and handle complex situations and deal with dynamic changes smoothly.

Innovation can happen anywhere across the global organization and ecosystem. Globalists envision an innovative global society, continue to improve interdisciplinary knowledge proficiency, have abilities (context-relevant requisite variety) to engage with the extant flow of change in the world and shape collective improvement and influence its 'trajectory' at the moment - then, you are really doing something great for the long term.

It is important to understand what makes a globalist effective with a global context: There are many things on the global innovation agenda nowadays. A global professional without a global mindset lacks the potential to make global influence. You must communicate, communicate and then communicate more to understand that not all of the associates will move through the change curve at the same speed. It takes time to build global problem-solving capacities and differentiated global competency.

It's important to shape a holistic view that sees the world as an interconnected, interdependent and integrated ecosystem which keeps evolving. Insightful globalists are authentic, sharing their viewpoint about things or events happening in their surroundings, their perspective of future global society; strengthening professional strengths in order to make sound judgment and solve complex global problems effectively. They need to keep clarifying their roles in making desired changes, their professional strengths & weaknesses, and presenting the good intention to unleash collective human potential world-widely.

Forward-looking organizations give people the voices, tools and experiences of how to effectively communicate and collaborate across the world: The global society is complex, the holistic global view and understanding is important in complex situations where it is impossible to predict the behavior of the whole from the behavior of the parts in the linear way; and where the interrelationships between component parts are more important than the parts themselves. The global business today is not just working within the industry, but also permeating a cross-ecosystem which is dynamic, continuous and interactive.

In management practice, many well-intentioned business initiatives don’t produce the expected value because any business initiative involves a certain degree of risk in it. A holistic global view can either be used to refine or adjust the problem statement so that it can be approached logically. Global thinking requires a very open mind and ability to transcend conventional wisdom to unique insight, and take a more thoroughly holistic approach to fix complex issues smoothly. The holistic global management focuses on the long-term and transformative business management practice to deal with today’s over-complex business dynamic smoothly.

We are moving from the industrial era to the knowledge economy towards the creative economy, more and more innovation is a matter of survival in the long term for any organization and global society. Being “global” involves a personal intention to focus on moving up to the global growth trajectory. A harmonized global society has a huge potential to become a highly innovative system in which all sorts of components and ingredients are dynamically integrated into global capacity and differentiated competency to accelected collective human progress smoothly.


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