Sunday, March 19, 2023


In fact, being innovative is- all about disrupting -outdated mindsets, old ways to -do things…

In fact,

people want to grow,

develop and learn

they want to change,

even though-

they don't realize it;

knowledge professionals today need to -

become more strategic, tactical, resilient for-

mastering professional skills,

building transferable capabilities,

fail forward, courageously;

In fact, vision is the guidance,

steering people -

forward dynamically;

some visions are tunnel-like,

other visions are short-sighted;

but the best vision should be-

circular, foresighted,

inspiring and reachable..

In fact,

the decisions you take,

has to -

be subjected to -

constant revision,

based on the latest facts,

information, flowing -

in and out frictionlessly.

In fact,


the different experiences,

perspectives and ideas of people across-

multiple generations has-

enormous potential for -

societal advancement, inclusively.

In fact,

being innovative is-

all about disrupting -

outdated mindsets,

old ways to -

do things;

in fact,


guts-feeling and creativity converge when -

we have such “aha” moments at which -

fresh ideas are created,


unique insights are unveiled via-

a new angle, suddenly…


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