Tuesday, March 21, 2023


Influential leaders or professionals need to genuinely look within their own hearts and minds, interact, interpret, inspire, innovate, improve, to enhance innovative influence all the time.

We live in such a diverse world with unpredictability, uncertainty, hyper-diversity, frequent disruption, and fierce competitions. Regardless of differences in mindsets, methodologies, and practices, people like to learn and grow for their own benefit. 

There are many ways to influence and there are all different types of influencers. To influence is to instill passion, recharge energy, and reimagine the future courageously.

Influence is the cognitive ability to reason; communication competency to persuade and motivate: Today we are inextricably linked, in real time and in ways far more imminent than most realize. A mindset could be called influential intelligence if it has a high cognitive ability to discover the inter-relationship among different understandings, disciplines, clarify cause-effect, guide people to drive desired changes.

Influence is based on vision and purpose with effective styles such as participation, coaching or delegation. Influence can be used to define a good leader who all has a vision and influence with that vision. An influential leader needs to practice more influence power and expertise power, and use position power wisely.

Influence and professional competency are mutually reinforced with each other: Every human being will make influences on the surrounding. The level of influence depends on leadership or professional competency, methodologies or practices; from behavior to attitude to mindset; from local community to global society; from making influence in a certain domain to cross interdisciplinary impact.

There are multiple ingredients in influencing competency such as intelligence, creativity, learning agility, global empathy, wisdom, etc. In the knowledge abundant global society, influencers are able to refine information to capture the business insight of growth opportunities; inspire creativity, encourage constructive criticism to build an innovative working environment. So organizations can build their own set of differentiated competencies to unlock collective performance.

Insight helps to build the leadership influence power in developing the true understanding based upon trust: We have seen people debate what is right and what is wrong. Insight is unique for each individual, even though we could always share some wisdom. It's the leadership capacity to be non-judgmental; the capacity to appreciate and communicate with respect for other people's ways; and the capacity to be flexible with tolerance for ambiguity. A set of well established principles helps to clarify the purpose of influence and engage all the people, perhaps cross boundaries, working together as a team to excel in working collaboratively.

Insight is crucial to amplify influence by moving from embracing diversity to appreciating and reaping multidimensional value from inclusiveness. High influencers not only put stress on “having the knowledge,” but even more critically, “developing the new knowledge,” sharing fresh insight to break down constraints and overcome the numerous obstacles for unleashing the full potential of the organization.

Leadership is an influence, which can be made through leaders’ unique professional competency, fresh insight, and personalized leadership styles. Highly influential leaders or professionals need to genuinely look within their own hearts and minds, interact, interpret, inspire, innovate, improve, to enhance innovative influence all the time.


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