Monday, March 13, 2023


The progress of the world needs to be pulled together and pushed forward by innovators across the globe.

Global world becomes over-complex, information is growing exponentially. The business world we live in is in the paradigm shift to global advancement. The boundary of knowledge domains is blurred, cross-disciplinary knowledge is powerful to solve many of today’s over-complex and interdependent problems. 

It is a strategic imperative for today’s leaders and professionals to embrace the broader view of global society for shaping a transformational vision, establish global principles and develop the next practices to deal with existing and emerging complex business problems and advance humanity.

It’s important to clarify the difference between local rules and global principles, common beliefs and universal wisdom for harmonizing humanity: The global society is diverse, people from different regions, religions, and cultural differences should refine their knowledge into more unified insight; clarify the difference between local rules and global principles, common beliefs and universal wisdom. It's important to understand the difference between local rules and global principles, conventional understanding and global wisdom, and develop a common set of global principles to bridge differences, synchronize changes and harmonize human society.

Conflicts and tensions of different groups are part of reality. The criteria to assess problem-solving effectiveness, being used by different nations or continents, are bound to vary, relative to their respective regulations, or culture. It’s important to open your mind to the diversity of constructive opinions about global issues, understand and solve problems from a mindset level. Focus on convincing, persuading, and collaborating at the global scope; know how to collaborate with stakeholders of all stripes, Always look for complementary mindsets, capabilities, and skills so that they can build a highly competitive team to produce value-added results.

Being global is about crossing not just geographical borders but also knowledge domains, cultural divides between businesses, social sectors: In today's global marketplace and interconnected world, insightful globalists are in strong demand to communicate and collaborate, spend a significant proportion of their time on strategic issues, be comfortably leading virtual teams, multiplexing tasks and time zones. They need to dig through the root cause of global talent shortage, ponder around: What do you mean by skill gap in the context of your global organization? Are people curious and inclusive to explore the world and desire to learn from each other?

We co-share this beautiful planet with billions of people; human capital is always the largest intangible asset of our societies. Global wisdom has enriched context, deep historical roots, and constant knowledge refinement for shaping collective progress. Problem-solving at the global scope is a mindset with curiosity, inclusiveness, intellectual sophistication and cultural empathy, etc, to frame the right issues and overcome common challenges.

We have to keep investing, nurturing, and growing to ensure long term global advancement: Contemporary global society is hyper-connected and interdependent. The new breed of global citizens today are information savvy, learning agile, have diversity of thoughts, differentiated competencies, and unique styles, etc, to make differences. Forethoughtful globalists shape a transformational vision, connect interdisciplinary management dots across the global scope, broaden the view of global society, and work collaboratively with people across the boundary to come up with innovative solutions.

In practice, setting common criteria to make sound judgment and improve problem-solving effectiveness in the vast global society is challenging due to diverse knowledge, multicultural enrichment. Being an inclusive cross-boundary globalist means you need to have a clear vision to bridge the difference; interdisciplinary knowledge to understand problems at the global scope holistically; differentiated competency to solve thorny issues innovatively, develop the next innovation practices to accelerate changes fearlessly. If you can explore alternative talent pools, keep getting novel ideas, optimize goal-driven processes, organizations can reach the next level of global growth and innovation management fluency.

We live in a hyperconnected and interdependent global society. It's always important to bridge the global leadership gap and shape the new breed of world class globalists. The progress of the world needs to be pulled together and pushed forward by innovators across the globe, who can apply advanced thinking, interdisciplinary knowledge to deal with common challenges facing global society innovatively. Visionary globalists with versatile personas are in strong demand to bridge differences, understand and handle critical issues at the global scope objectively, co-imagine, co-develop a contemporary global society collaboratively.


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