Tuesday, March 28, 2023


If the organization understands itself in relation to its context, it should be able to determine whether it requires changing something to become viable.

Nowadays the business environment is full of uncertainty, complexity , and ambiguity. It becomes complex if things do interact, particularly in the case of nonlinear interaction with interdependent relationships and hyperconnected intricacy. Organizations have to keep discovering the “hybrid truth,” strike the multitude of balances which impact each other in order to achieve a state of dynamic equilibrium. 

From the business management perspective, hybridity is the digital theme, simplicity and complexity are dual forces of running a high-performance business.

Forethoughtful organizations need to keep their greatest stability when the parasitic and collaborative elements within it find the right balance: In the ever-evolving knowledge economy, “opportunity vs. risk” is the “hybrid truth.” Companies across the vertical sectors need to handle business circumstances wisely - smell and grasp growth opportunities, also identify critical business issues and predict and prevent potential risks timely. Stability & dynamism are hybrid management modes: one focuses on the fundamental management responsibility for “keeping the light on''; the other drives transformative changes aggressively. Not just tear down all the old things in the previous era; but strike the right balance between the new way and the “old way” to come up with better solutions.

Creativity and logic are not two completely different disciplines, but the “hybrid truth,” to disrupt “we always do things like that” mentality and drive transformative progress courageously. They are like the two sides of the coin, enabling organizational leaders to understand the business puzzle thoroughly and solve problems creatively. In addition, the challenge for any business is to find the hybrid truth (centralized vs. decentralized, physical vs. virtual) structure that helps to empower people, enforce iterative communication, and foster cross-functional collaboration to spur innovation and produce high performance business results with accelerated speed.

Innovative organizations mean the advanced mindset, the culture of learning & sharing, and hybrid solutions: Business operates in the real world, and the real world is muddy and chaotic. To understand, connect and harmonize the world, it’s important to explore creative ways to do business in order to delight new generations of customers, engage with business counterparts in a value-oriented manner. Business leaders ask tough questions, channel energy, enthusiasm, and ideas, to not only come up with one solution to a business problem but multiple solutions and manage innovation in a structural way.

As the pervasiveness of an organization’s business transformation journey increases, innovative companies today are always-on, hyper-connected, with hybrid operational environments and extended enterprise boundaries. Business management should take the hybrid management practices for balancing the hybrid style of “Thinking and Doing,” improve quality, creativity, and productivity; harness cross-functional communication and collaboration, increase business agility and flexibility,

Look at all the business factors, including the human element, integrate hybrid organizational structure to enhance cross-functional collaboration: Enterprise collaboration computing technologies enable cross functional collaboration via virtual platforms, enhance the hybrid of physical organizational hierarchy and informal structures; enable innovation brainstorming;, engaging customers and partners to voice out concerns and feedback, and encouraging broader conversation and interaction within its business ecosystem. The collaboratively interdependent organizations can reach the higher state of business balance because limited hierarchy works best in a creative environment where the free flow of ideas and their prompt implementation is a key element of business success.

You will need interdisciplinary, cross-functional teams in building value-added capabilities; be able to handle all the value-adding steps in the whole flow of work, start-to-finish, idea-to-implement. In fact, taking the multidimensional hybrid models for going digital is all about how to strike the right balance of reaping quick wins and focusing on the long-term strategic goals, solidifying business performance and unleashing organizational potential.

Logic and rationalism keep business on track, but standard businesses are not viable. Businesses must perform well compared to their peers to be successful in the long run. Innovation is key to being differentiated. If the organization understands itself in relation to its context, it should be able to determine whether it requires changing something to become viable. Business transformation takes a holistic management discipline, to leverage their various environments and business ecosystems, to expand the organization’s horizon and elevate the business up to the next level of organizational growth cycle and increasing business viability and resilience..


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