Thursday, March 16, 2023


The depth of innovation is to dig into the root cause of issues, and figure out the best technique to solve it in an alternative way.

Constant change and frequent disruption are part of the new normal, thriving in the dynamic business new normal means engaging creative thinking, enforcing cross-functional collaborations, proactively seeking fresh ideas, taking systematic business innovation management discipline, 

Being innovative requires much deeper understanding, much more time, energy, passion, courage, experimentation, retreat, and reflection to get clear and focused on generating innovative ideas. Innovation is not serendipity, it is a management process and unique business competency.

Innovation happens in which the business interacts with customers, takes an inductive approach to do people-centric innovation:
Innovation is about transforming novel ideas and achieving its business value. Digital is the age of the customer. Gain a deep understanding of the customers through empathy and using a more inductive approach as to what the customer wants to accomplish "next." Customer-centric innovation is one of the focal points for organizations to thrive. The traditional large organizations can become more innovative if they are able to consciously break down the bureaucratic management style and proactively develop the resource-rich innovation hubs inside the enterprise ecosystems to drive people-centric innovation.

Refine business models, processes or solutions, and to then enact, embody and execute in a disciplined way. Listen, collect qualified information and feedback from customers, embrace multiple perspectives of the issues, engage people in meaningful conversation, leverages quality feedback to capture customer insight, as focusing on customers' needs should be an easier path to grow the innovation fruits, tapping the organization's ecosystem for the collective perspectives, and manage innovation in a structural way.

Innovation becomes simply creating value by solving simple or complex problems: When you encounter a tough problem, you need to apply the deep critical thinking for framing the right problems, and then, solve them in a creative way. People with a simplicity mindset are passionate to keep optimizing solutions, making evolutionary innovation by finding the sweet spot in which they are able to leverage resources and talent to achieve higher than expected results. It is important to apply creativity in a recursive way to the creative process for effective problem-solving by experimenting, exploring, and encouraging a new way to understand tough issues and come up with a set of solutions in an innovative manner.

Innovative problem-solvers ask open questions such as “What If,” or “Why Not,” to stimulate deep brainstorming, enjoy understanding a variety of complexity, appreciate the interaction and interrelationship dynamic, and guide people through it. In fact, you have to shape innovativeness as a mindset to get their people ready for change, encourage innovative problem-solving, and improve overall business responsiveness, performance, speed, and maturity.

It’s important to provide the necessary tools to develop innovation competency: The organization is a dynamic system which is able to re-configure its own structure and change its own behavior during the execution of its adaptation to continuous environmental changes, frame structural innovation management in pursuit of better solutions. Systematic innovation is a structured process and set of practical tools used to design, build or improve products, services, processes that deliver new value to customers

A leading organization with innovation competency can handle innovation streams for different goals and different time frames and manage a balanced portfolio, with both out of the box ideas-disruptive innovation and incremental innovation in day-to-day working environment. Innovation breakthroughs that really hit the spot are often the radical new approach, overcoming the panic of doing breakthrough innovation, makes a leap to the next level of the growth cycle. High innovative organizations are able to amplify collective creativity and spark innovation, transforming novel ideas to achieve commercial values smoothly.

The depth of innovation is to dig into the root cause of issues, and figure out the best technique to solve it in an alternative way. Knowledge and creativity are the two faces of the same coin of innovation. The different types of innovation should be managed via tailored management processes, scientific resource allocation, and a variety of innovation personas. To scale up innovation and overcome innovation management complexity, it’s important for business leaders to improve capacity management effectiveness by keeping innovation processes transparent, enforcing accountability at all levels, and focusing on long term innovation excellence.


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