Wednesday, March 29, 2023


Philosophical logic is always important to challenge the known, ponder the unknown, pursue the truth, better understand evolution and harness its power to serve human purposes.

The global world is complex and enriched, we are encouraged to look for an experience of truth, the unfolding of wisdom by those who have gone beyond traditional thinking and conventional wisdom. Philosophy in the 21st century is an interdisciplinary pursuit to better understand human society evolution and harness the power to fulfill the purposes of humanity. 

Philosophy is broader, abstract human knowledge into deep wisdom. By taking a philosophical lens, people can gain insight about themselves, their organizations, as well as the ecosystem they live in for advancing human society.

Philosophical logic is a sort of abstract logic or conceptual logic: Philosophy is methodical and has deliberate processes for identifying questions, clarifying understanding, identifying faulty reasoning, and thinking outside the box. Philosophy is the compass for us to pursue truth and a foundation to develop a thought framework for inferential reasoning of deep questions or complex problems at the abstract level.

Abstraction is the foundation of insight by being able to step back from the details, seeing patterns, context, and a bigger picture to spread the truth. There are transformational concepts that may be seen by a majority as a departure from logic. Forethoughtful professionals apply conceptual logic, appreciate their value, make deep inquiries and logical reasoning, keep abstracting fresh insight to uncover myth and pursue truth.

Philosophical logic is a type of judgmental or argumentative logic: Philosophy is about learning the rules of logic, proof, and the mathematics required to judge a valid argument from an invalid one. Without the ability to reason well, philosophy is no more insightful or useful than imitating and repeating. We should be open to new information or a different view. What if our stance is wrong? Beliefs, perspectives, common sense, etc, are those things that we personally hold to be true, but which cannot be conclusively proven.

The gray area is because there are serious philosophical differences regarding what proof consists of. Philosophical logic enhances clarity in communication, openness towards viewpoints of others, and humility in attitude to learn and conclude. People with judgmental logic are inclusive and tolerant of the differences; learn how to shape an objective view without cognitive distortion or unconscious biases.

Philosophical logic is a kind of linguistic logic or symbolic logic: Logic is a significant part of the language. Languages have so many different intricacies and facets, which make it difficult to define which aspect is actually the differential aspect. Language with strong logic can unify and harmonize. Without clear linguistic logic, people get divided because they don’t know each other deeply, and sometimes their communication gets “lost in interpretation.” Apply logical techniques to attain conceptual clarity and that philosophical logic should be consistent with the success of modern science.

Analytical philosophy is called linguistic logic which is nonlinear and pattern led. It is not only the ability to converse with another culture that makes multiple languages important; it is the ability to understand philosophy and look past the invisible walls that surround us, and deepen understanding human society anthropologically. The more languages you understand and communicate, the more dots you can connect to generate fresh ideas; and the better opportunities you can converge the divergent thoughts to develop creative intelligence; and shape a contemporary society.

Philosophy is simply in pursuit of a holistic understanding of the hyperconnected world and discovering the hidden patterns underneath complexity. Philosophical logic is always important to challenge the known, ponder the unknown, pursue the truth, better understand evolution and harness its power to serve human purposes.


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