Monday, March 27, 2023


Forward-looking organizations explore growth opportunities and build unique capabilities to perform in the future so that the organization does not only 'earn enough from today,' but 'thrive in the future.”

Organization is a dynamic purpose-driven entity which needs to continue evolving and adapting, bringing greater awareness of intricacies and generating multi-faceted value to unlock its full potential.

 The importance of potentiality management depends on how and what the organization is utilizing the potential for and how to invest in potential development for building the unique business competency and accelerate future performance of the organization.

Information potential would directly impact on the innovation capacity of individuals, organizations or the shared global society: The art and science of information management are to optimize its usage and unlock full potential. Information does not live alone but permeates everywhere in the businesses. The art of unlocking potentiality is like trying to discover the fountain spring by digging into the underground. The value of information is not isolated, information potential directly impacts the growth potential for individuals or organizations. The effort of valuing information independent of its association with the value of related tangibles seems to be difficult, but it is worth the effort.

Information potential is an investment for catalyzing information-enabled innovation, generating new business models, increasing revenue, and catalyzing growth. Organizations across the industrial boundaries use a variety of internal and external information sources to make predictions about growth opportunities and potential risks. It is the aggregation and assessment of information that creates the intelligence required to predict trends with a fact-based vision of where to aim and how to get there. It will be those companies that proactively invest in information management solutions today will be able to going forward competitively.

It’s important to overcome “growth pain.” encourage professional growth and unleash professional potential: We are what we think, rather than what we are taught. The right people are able to become more learning-agile, creative, generate great ideas, increase accountability. Self-development is the journey to strengthen your strength, improve professionalism, and unleash your potential. Potential development is a structural effort with all necessary elements such as leadership, process, culture, training, etc, to truly shape an open working environment with democratic meritocracy, self-motivated leaders, teams, and employees who have a passion for challenging themselves, advancing their thinking ability, making things happen, catalyzing growth.

Each human being is a potential innovation by definition as you won't find two humans that are exactly the same. Innovative leaders inspire self-management, unleash collective potentials, and enable true meritocracy. They apply data based analysis to identify, develop and retain talent. Whatever workforce management programs you run need to be smoothly aligned with the business’s strategic goals. People can relate to themselves and to their experience of the environment and others around them, unleash collective potential, define the rules and strategies in leading the business forward effectively..

Organization is organic to keep evolving, growing and innovating, discovering and unlocking its full potential: With increasing speed of change, organizational evolution needs business catalysts for unlocking its full potential. Otherwise, well-established enterprises are at risk of being defeated by smaller, nimbler competitors. The coherent and integral business capabilities will lead the business growth and unlock business potential. Organizations embrace empowerment, enablement, and enlightenment, take those soft ingredients such as communication, leadership, culture, etc, into consideration when establishing strategic goals and building differentiated business capabilities to enable business growth and harness innovation.

A business potential navigator can help the organization establish an organizational potentiality portfolio to strengthen the organizational strength and unlock business potential. Fine-tuning organizational structure, optimizing business processes, developing talent, leveraging emerging technology are all important to maximize organizational potential. The right mixed structure is one that allows the right mentality and culture to bloom. tuning the organizational design and structure to achieve the high level of autonomy. sustainable business performance.

Nowadays, we move to the hyperconnected digital era with knowledge abundance and frequent disruptions. Forward-looking organizations explore growth opportunities and build unique capabilities to perform in the future so that the organization does not only 'earn enough from today,' but 'thrive in the future.” Organizational growth and innovation today are heavily dependent on those talented people who have the right aptitude and attitude, with autonomy and changeability, and continue learning to unleash their potential structurally.


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