Friday, March 31, 2023


The ultimate goal of running an information savvy organization is to keep tapping their innovation potential.

Information is permeating everywhere in the business, and impacts every perspective of human society right now. It has become the "nerve system "of organizations. Information potential directly impacts the business's potential of the organization. In fact, the ability to explore intangible information assets becomes far more decisive to build competitive business advantage for the long term.

Abundant Information today must become the lubricant to fine-tune business continuum: Information does not stand still, it has to flow in and out of it, flow to customers in terms of products or services delivery. Information is an important lubricant to keep business flow, ensure the right people get the right information at the right time to make the right decisions for solving right problems at the right time. The challenge for organizational leaders and professionals is whether they can provide quality information, how to discern information they trust from information overflow.

Quality information is used to innovate and optimize. It is important to keep trimming wastes and redundancy, otherwise, over-complexity in business would hide simple and innovative ways to achieve high performance. With information fluidity, hyper-connectivity of the organization enables the business to approach the flow zone for lubricating business relationships and improving business accountability.

Information flow can streamline ideas flow and stimulate collective creativity: Business problems are complex, intuition only cannot solve those problems without sufficient information. Information can be transformed, aggregated, derived for various business needs, each business party captures it with possibly their own views on what the expected quality of the data should be. Information-based business initiatives provide the greatest return; and should be invested in the future. 

The quality information has evolved significantly in providing customized solutions, running a high-performance business today. Information-led innovation is about how to manage information- knowledge- insight- wisdom cycle in generating fresh ideas and solving problems creatively. Information as an innovation catalyst will enable business agility, new services/products delivery, workforce innovation, and customer experience personalization.

Information as an optimizer for business processes and capabilities: Information technology should be seen by any business as the business optimizer which continues trimming the wastes and tuning the cost to achieve business efficiency, workflow optimizations. It enables the organization to identify additional revenue opportunities for the entire company and improve business competency.

Information management is in a unique position to have an oversight view of enterprise processes; become a highly visible integrator, optimizer, and orchestrator of the digital business. Information management needs to use refined business insight to identify, sell, and pilot new processes and platforms that can give business leverage in its domain and sector; keep optimizing the company’s processes and competency.

We live in a world with abundant information, but scarce insight. Do not get saturated with information, but be obsessed with learning, insight, and innovation. Information potential directly impacts the business potential of the organization. The ultimate goal of running an information savvy organization is to keep tapping their innovation potential, have the ability to reshape innovative products, services, and customer engagement, build a information savvy business systems to reap innovation fruits.


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