Saturday, October 30, 2021


Abstract is to –simplify and optimize; simplicity can be –expressed via-comprehensive abstract, optimization can be achieved via-structural abstract; abstract is- a framework thing.

Abstraction is –

the blueprint of

concrete thoughts;

foundation of –

collective insight…

Abstract is the art to-

inspire imagination;

the science to

unify common understanding;

abstract your thoughts and words,

to grasp deep meaning.

abstraction is -

a profound thing.

Abstract is an open space,

in which we can-

design a landscape;

sow the seeds;

plant the hope;

grow food for thoughts,


abstraction is -

an inspirational thing.

The art of abstraction is-

to imagine,

the science of abstraction is –

to unify;

the philosophy of abstraction is –

to convey wisdom.

Abstract allows us to

step in,

stay out

look further;

look deeper,


Abstraction is -

a flexible thing.

Abstract is to

refine thoughts from-

the words;

streamline order from-


discover logical clue from-

puzzling reality;

differentiate substance from-


grasp quintessential from –


Abstract is-

a brief thing.

Abstract is to –

simplify and optimize;

simplicity can be –

expressed via-

comprehensive abstract,

optimization can be-

achieved via-

structural abstract;

abstract is-

a framework thing.

Abstract is to

develop timeless principles

via compelling stories;

scientific scenarios.

Abstract is about

applying inductive through-

deductive logic,

talk at a higher,

conceptual level;

to reach-

a point of agreement

with color of difference,

wide base of diversity;

Abstraction and agreement is-

the way forward,

for thread holding-

a harmonized society.


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