Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Creativity is infused with an inner cohesion, hidden logic, emotional wholeness and comes from a unique vision.

Being innovative is the state of mind if you consider being creative as a way of thinking, of expression, of seeing things differently. Innovators present creatively disruptive traits, disrupt old ways, and inspire better ways to do things. Innovators are among us and within us, spot them by how they think and do things differently. Empower them to build a culture of innovation.

 Here is a set of parameters and indicators to assess the intrinsic innovation capacity of individuals. (part II)

Confidence: Being innovative is a state of mind, confidence allows creativity expansion to full potential. Because often you need to break down the old in order to let the new emerge; challenge the outdated traditions or conventional thinking in order to create and implement fresh ideas. With confidence, you feel free to express, enter, engage fully the creative process, and rectify your steps along the way. Without confidence, you become self-doubt, retreat, vulnerable, fragile, your passion fades away, and your creative energy drains. Even though each one of us has creative potential, innovators are a rare breed, because most people perhaps lack the confidence to be authentic, advocate new concepts or play innovative odd balls all the time.

Self-confidence is something you build your creative ability. The solid foundation underneath confidence is positivity, authenticity, knowledge, and wisdom. Confident people with an optimistic attitude see the bright side, they have a special mindset that rain or shine, leads them to think creatively. Knowledge is limited, regardless of their age or professionals, confident people show their intellectual curiosity, they are mature and childish at the same time, as they are sure enough in themselves to know what they don't know and trust their own judgment of others to empower those around them to lead innovation consistently.

Focus: To keep creative energy flowing, individuals need to spend time on creative thinking and value-driven activities that help to gain new knowledge, expand the bigger thinking box and connect wider dots to nurture great ideas and spark creativity. That means creativity is not always spontaneous or serendipitous, It needs a certain discipline to keep focus and strong management skill to be a prolific creative producer. You don't wait for it to happen: the more you do the more you'll learn how to use proper tools and media with dexterity and develop creativity.

Dedicated people focus on thinking, growing or innovating, their energy flows forward to streamline the train of diversified thoughts and the fountain of creativity. People with strong focus are not easy to get distracted or become overly-stressful, they demonstrate emotional excellence to be creative-oriented, mature, dedicate to their work and develop innovativeness as their professional competency.

Uniqueness: Creativity is, by nature, unique to each person. As we each have different cognitive styles, personalities, knowledge, cultural heritage, or life experiences, sensitivity. There is no template which we can apply and suddenly become creative. So each one of us needs to discover our own talent and develop our own set of practices to develop creativity. So just express, and improve, accept to enter and engage fully the creative process, express and rectify your steps along the way.

Leaders today should inspire creative thinking and discover an individual’s capabilities and potential to innovate. In the team setting, spot creative people who can offer others a different perspective to look at the world, do constructive criticism, and provide invaluable feedback to innovative problem-solving. Different people and organizations have different strengths, creative capacities and capabilities Thus, they need to take their unique path at their own pace to spark creativity and manage innovation.

Autonomy: While we each have enormous creative capacity, our willingness to express and exercise it becomes more complex. Self-awareness and self-reflection helps us discover our innate talent; self-motivation keeps us participating and moving forward; self-discipline allows us to stay focused; self-improvement lets us continue practicing, and self actualization goes hand in hand with creativity. Without creative energy, we simply cannot unleash our full potential. Without autonomy, the seed of creativity cannot grow strong enough to create a unique scene.

If someone has the desire to be curious and involved in a situation, their innate creativity will push them along to a limited extent. Individualism and autonomy nurtures creativity. In the world of self-awareness or self-change, there is always one clear issue: the issue of self and the brightness of individualism with the paradigm shift from self-control to self-driven; from self-indulging to self-criticism; from self-limitation to self-actualization, etc. Still, we are social beings. If the conditions are right and there is love, support, encouragement, and permission, creativity can be abundant.

Audacity: Fear has always been one of the major obstacles to innovation: Fear of getting out of the comfort zone; fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, or fear of loss of control, etc. Are innovators more courageous, or courage defines an innovator? Innovativeness is about thinking, acting differently and adding value differently from the status quo. Audacity is an important factor in creativity, because by nature, creativity is about “dare not,” “why not,” “what-if,” etc. Getting excited about a stretchy goal to achieve allows you to pursue creativity with greater emotional determination.

Be courageous to listen to what you don’t want to hear, have the guts to make tough decisions; as well as discover the new way to do things, often means to break the old rules or the “old way to do things.” A “fearless” mind has more boldness in perspectives, and courage to be innovative. At the business level, building a “fearless” working environment means to inspire openness, innovation, and critical thinking, and empower talent to be creative with less fear.
Creativity is infused with an inner cohesion, hidden logic, emotional wholeness and comes from a unique vision. Being innovative is the state of mind to bring new perspectives, spark fresh ideas and transform inward focus creativity into outward driven innovation. Recognize great innovations and inspire creativity. The most advanced societies are diverse mixtures of peoples that can spark creativity and amplify collective potential to make leapfrog changes.


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