Saturday, October 30, 2021


To enhance an up cycle of global leadership and professionalism, a holistic viewpoint of people related growth issues and innovation perspectives enables us to set the common principles for encouraging desired changes, making professional transcendence and collective progress.

We live in the hyper-conencted global society, business leaders and professionals need to shed the tendency to share their unique viewpoints on common concerns, leadership perspectives on value proposition, life experience, world view; information technology, culture quintessential, as well as education, to bridge the multitude of differences, shape the true global mindset and professional competency for building an advanced human society.

Information Technology view: Nowadays, information technology interweaves a hyper-connected global world. What is IT though? People in different professions perhaps perceive information technology from different perspectives. Most people may think IT is the same as the fancy gadgets they play with or the social network they use to spread messages. Those views only touch the surface of information technology. Most consumers enjoy more seamless sourcing/purchasing/working experience online or offline, compared to decades ago, we all should appreciate complex IT systems behind the scenes. Information Technology systems are designed to integrate computer programs, databases, and other pieces of IT components, with how users go about accomplishing objectives. IT is also shifting from monolithic technology led to mosaic information driven. In fact, IT framework and software infrastructure is the foundation to build a real time intelligent society in which information can flow smoothly for solving the right problems and IT enabled automation can free people from doing certain repetitive tasks, so they can do more creative work for achieving goals with purpose.

Keep in mind, misinformation or compromised IT systems will make the organization vulnerable or intimidate the survival of the business. Thus, an objective view and necessary education about information and technology for all professionals cross the industry help them become more professional by delivering quality information; more logical by understanding sequence and consequence of solving problems; more productive by using efficient apps/ tools; more knowledgeable by sourcing the right information; more objective by understanding the limitation and potentiation of IT enabled modern society. The high professionals perhaps need to ponder deeper: How to integrate varying IT enabled subsystems into a seamless societal system in which people can unleash their full potential and businesses can reach the high level of organizational maturity with people-centricity, automation, and profitability.

Culture view: Culture is a collective mindset, attitudes, behaviors. People are gregarious by nature, they tend to organize themselves and it gives rise to a collective set of attitudes, beliefs, educational systems, notions of time and space, etc. Culture shapes how we think about human society in which different groups, organizations, communities develop their own set of subcultures based on certain beliefs or common senses. Besides peeling through the organizational rules printed in their manual; the slogans posted on the wall, business leaders and professionals need to shape an in-depth viewpoint about cultures by digging into the core business value and belief; the essence of diversity in characters, cognitive difference, skills, styles, generations, ethnic background, religious beliefs, etc. Make observations on how people make decisions across the organizational hierarchy, the interaction attitude with their customers or variety of stakeholders, occasions/activities they take, etc, all of which shape the invisible culture that can impact the organizational maturity and long term business prosperity.

We are all part of cultures, most people are culture followers; some are culture irritators, only very few can make an influence on shaping an innovative, progressive and high performance culture. Outdated culture is like the glue that stifles change, how to break down conventional wisdom and rejuvenate a global culture? Generally speaking, being “global” involves a personal intention and intellectual curiosity to understand a variety of cultures, and has passion to deal with complex issues that make global impacts. The spirit of culture comes from the top. Culture is reflected and influenced by policies, practices, rewards and incentives. Global leaders and professionals certainly have to take into account cultural intelligence and how that affects things: how they interact with one another, how they manage, and what’s their thinking process and how they make decisions; from cognitive intelligence about others - as well as themselves!

Education view:
If experiences enrich life; education improves life quality. Fundamental education provides basic training for building cognitive skills and abilities to accomplish tasks with a certain level of complexity; advanced education should help people explore deeper about themselves, expand their knowledge base and encourage them to develop more integral competency. It’s a strategic imperative for high professionals to keep integrating the existing building blocks or recombine existing capabilities into the more sophisticated capabilities for making high accomplishments. Quality education should be thought-provoking, promote all positive perspectives of humanity such as freedom to imagine, confidence to criticize or create, empathy to understand, discernment to judge, capability & capacity to innovate; and discipline to commit.

The purpose of education is to instill the art of learning, adapt in a changing world. The future of learning and training will require to break away from the current one-size-fits-all mold and move to a more personalized learning, set the guide for the life adventure, really encourage people to discover who they are and who they want to be; think of future needs, think outside the box, refresh knowledge; build people’s strengths and unleash their potential. Qualified educators/coaches can help receivers recognize opportunities, give them the ability to evaluate the opportunities, ability to select and opt for what is best suited to the individual, inspire them to cultivate thinking and learning habits and drive professional progression

Regardless of differences, all human beings are more similar than different. To enhance an up cycle of global leadership and professionalism, a holistic viewpoint of people related growth issues and innovation perspectives enables us to set the common principles for encouraging desired changes, making professional transcendence and collective progress.


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