Thursday, October 21, 2021


Fairness means to be impartial, equitable, objective, or dispassionately examining.

Fairness means to be unbiased, impartial, objective, dispassionately discerning, and open-minded. Being fair starts with being objective. Being objective means you are not influenced by personal feelings or assumptions; but make judgment or decisions based on unbiased fact. The fairer you are, the wiser you become.

Sound judgment: Every decision requires a different way of thinking, embraces cognitive differences and gains multifaceted understanding. To be fair and less judgmental, become more inclusive and tolerant of the differences; learn how to shape an objective view without cognitive distortion or unconscious biases. Do not go from a group label to a preconceived opinion about people or things. You need to be surrounded with people having cognitive differences, they can provide honest, friendly and honest feedback, particularly in a decision process. Inclusive mindset embraces the full spectrum of diversity, facilitates a variety of differences.

Balance: Being fair is the principle; the action and behavior to reflect fairness need to be encouraged via open communication, mutual understanding; let individuals embrace their bias by sharing it with others in a non-threatening context. Without the inner balance of energies, one cannot achieve a perfect balance of emotions and logic. It’s important to consciously identify your blind spot and more consciously discover and change your unconscious bias, set common principles for looking beyond the surface, balance diverse viewpoints, and continue to shape an impartial mind to do fairer things.

There is an abundance of information, the mix of new and outdated knowledge. To make sound judgment about people and things. Start with a mentally neutral position; no biases or emotional quandary; look at the source and find from the neutral point, be consciously aware that people all have personal filters, and information could be filtered via the subjective standard. Collectively, what is needed now are lots more independent hybrid talents to neutralize differences, not to make dual or even triple standards in making judgment. Neutralize bias via perception intelligence without preconceived opinions or being excessively critical.

Every situation has choices, every situation has known unknown and unknown unknowns. Fairness means to be impartial, equitable, objective, or dispassionately examining. Do not always follow the conventional wisdom; be an independent and critical thinker, to make sound judgment. People are much purposeful, creative and productive under a positive and fair working environment. Fair is an art we try to pursue in harmonizing human society.


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