Monday, October 18, 2021


When life is shifting from surviving to striving and thriving, people are becoming more fluent in multidimensional thinking, life is in the most advanced stage, and society as a whole is advancing to the next stage.

Humans as social beings, are developing, growing, competition and choice are part of that process. Knowledge work today is more purpose-driven and self-disciplined. The restrictive hierarchy will lose its steam; openness, trustworthiness, sharing, and collaboration are fundamental for productive and creative teamwork to make collective progress. 

The advancement is an upward journey through which the mindset can become more open, positive, forward-thinking, creative, and inclusive, demonstrate multidimensional thought processes to fuel upward change and innovation, and turn out to be the driving force behind any kind of societal progress.

 Growth mindset: The advancement starts with a growth mindset. Without growth, individuals, organizations or societies stagnate. Growth mindset refers to those who can think ahead, move forward, solve problems and achieve goals with focus. Growth mindset must believe that all visions have the potential to be translated into fulfillment and hold the strong belief that their ability level was nothing more than a snapshot in time and eminently changeable as they continued to learn and develop, to make continuous progress.

To deal with fast-paced changes and continuous disruptions, growth mindset and cognitive intelligence are in strong demand to ride learning curves and make the progressive movement. To make a digital paradigm shift requires a growth mindset at every level and having an in-depth understanding that things cannot stay the same. This is the groundwork that has to be down at all levels prior to initiating major changes.

Forethought: There is purpose behind advancement; there’re goals which need to be achieved through advancing thinking and actions. Forethoughtful mind with vision makes you feel passionate about what is going to happen - the opportunities, it is a clear choice among future scenarios that advocate advancement and promotes positive behaviors.

Foresight keeps people focused, knows where their destination is, allows them to take an alternative path for advancement, rather than following others’ footsteps to do the same thing repetitively. They have the ability to think about the past, perceive what is now and foresee the future in pursuit of advancement. In fact, the most advanced mind relates itself to a purpose greater than itself, contributes to the common good and the collective human progress

Independent thinking: In a world full of new information and outdated knowledge, a variety of culture or traditions have inundated us with conventional wisdom. Independent thinking is important to analyze and synthesize all sources of input and information to form your own opinion and make objective judgment.

Independent thinkers advance the world because it means you neither follow others' opinions blindly nor being isolated from varying resources; on the opposite, a great independent thinker leverages all sorts of information, being unbiased and objective for making effective decisions to solve problems thoroughly. In an open working environment, independent thinking is encouraged to bring up new perspectives to the table and drive progressive change collaboratively.

Creativity: People can learn a lot from different mindsets, cultures, and knowledge. Creative people are in demand to spur fresh ideas and advance the current understanding of things, break down conventional thinking patterns, be adventurous to explore new possibilities. So organizations as a whole can be competitive enough to keep surging further and advancing themselves for reaching the next cycle of growth.

Creativity is the most wanted professional quality; innovation is the most needed change for advancing human society. It’s critical to develop a culture of creativity, help people understand the value of harnessing the difference, be comfortable to be who they are, motivates people riding above the learning curves, stimulates their intellectual curiosity, and practices creative thinking to make advanced movement.

We must face diversity and inspire inclusiveness. Advancement can become more reachable when we appreciate each other’s strength, complement each other’s capability; bringing in new ideas and new perspectives to make new creations and build better futures together. Real inclusiveness needs to focus on cognitive differences, skills, abilities, and understanding each other via empathetic mind connections with the goals to make collective progress.

The digital transformation has to go a few inches deeper for cultivating the culture of inclusiveness The most advanced mindsets would like to know how to tap diverse resources, be inclusive and recognize merit and ideas, no matter where they come from; to embark upon the road of total inclusion as that appears to be the only way to advance forward and realize long term prosperity of human society.

When life is shifting from surviving to striving and thriving, people are becoming more fluent in multidimensional thinking, life is in the most advanced stage, and society as a whole is advancing to the next stage.


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