Friday, October 1, 2021


Imagining the future is exciting. In order to accomplish the impossible, one must be able to see the invisible.

Imagination is the seed to grow innovation and lead to discovery. The higher the level at which we are engaged and stimulated to imagine, the more likely we get inspired to take actions. At the highest level of imagination engagement, we become driven to leverage our imagination into innovative results. 

In face of rapid changes and frequent disruptions, innovative “imagineers” are in demand to reimagine business models of tomorrow; reimagine the future of leadership; as well as reimagine the emerging paradigm of people-centricity.

Business model imagineers: “Imagineering” business leaders and professionals can boldly reimagine the mission and business models of tomorrow: When we jump into the “VUCA” new normal –volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, organizational leaders should be able to envision and determine what the future needs to look like, how to recharge business models and reinvent traditional organizations to reach the next stage of the business development cycle. Business model is a description of the way in which an enterprise intends to leverage the emerging technologies or uprising trends to win customers and make profits. Open-minded imagineers can connect wider dots, leverage quality information to predict where the future will be for the business model design, apply design thinking and creativity, ask open-ended questions to brainstorm and generate the list of potential business model options, and cultivate business model design as a living thing,

If imagination is more art than science; then engineering is more science than art. Business leaders/intrapreneurs lead boldly and brilliantly by reimagine what is possible; hey also have to objectively assess their organizational strength and competency, methodologically review a list of levers for business model components, and systematically generate the list of potential business model options, evaluate their resources, budgets, talent and other business capitals, and then, make good choices based on their core competencies to pursue business growth opportunities, look for solutions which will directly benefit external customers and maximize the business value from long term perspective.

Leadership imagineers: Reimagine leadership in the hyperconnected and hyper-diverse business ecosystem to harmonize change and spark innovation. Leadership as a word consists of "lea" and "ship,” implying "to create or to maintain connections." Compared to the traditional organizations based on silo functions and restrictive hierarchy, today’s corporate world is interdependent and hyper-connected with a hyper-diverse workforce. The imagineering leaders demonstrate the wider vision of what is happening in the environment and then have the unique competency to lead breakthrough changes, recognize their innovators or change agents, and mobilize the necessary resources in the right way to move the system towards a preferred alternative state.

All ambitious businesses strive to unlock their business creativity and unleash their full business potential. Leadership is an emergent phenomenon connected with a broader group of people via a clear vision and advanced mindset. Vision itself grows and continually reinvents itself based on learning and experience. Practicing creative leadership takes a certain mental, psychological and conditional chemistry to break away from thoughts that others have thought about or conventional wisdom. To reimagine “the art of possible,” we all should broaden our points of interest and try new things to extend our thinking box. That leads to a better mutual understanding and a more advanced society among all humans.

People-centricity imagineer: Reimagine the emerging paradigm of people-centricity by leveraging interdisciplinary lenses. Business world, like the natural world, needs to keep renewing to generate fresh energy. It is considered that the natural world is a living network in which everything is stored, so we would need to think profoundly about our progress as a human race as well. We are so deeply connected with nature, as if our consciousness at every stage of evolution is synchronized with the spirit of nature. The deep ecology recognizes the intrinsic value of all living beings and views humans as just one particular strand in the abundance of life. To make a seamless paradigm shift from an industrial/information age to a people centric personalized/creative economy, it takes a lot of energy to break old habits and outdated thought/problem-solving processes, the new era of digital thinking attributes value and purpose to the ecosystem seamlessly.

Every journey is built through accumulated steps. Humans are vehicles of natural and cultural evolution. The arising new paradigm is all about people -centricity and innovation. The idea of digital paradigm shifting, starts from mind shift. The organization of the future is designed openly for anyone with ideas on how human organizations ought to be contrived in the face of “VUCA” digital new normal. So the goal of the organizational redesign is to improve business responsiveness and maximize its potential. Figure out where you are on that scale and how to transform to the next level of business growth and balance.

Reimagining the future is exciting. On an adventure, there is no risk. In order to accomplish the impossible, one must be able to see the invisible. “Imagineer” leaders and professionals are “visioneers,”who can digest, analyze and synthesize information & knowledge, and visualize the future clearly; they are “insighteers,” who can bring fresh perspectives and think differently; they are innovators who can break down conventional wisdom and think of an alternative way to do things and make radical change with accelerated speed.


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