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Professional globalists demonstrate a global mindset involving a personal intention to focus on being global, with global abilities such as tolerance of ambiguity, cultural cognition, learning agility, mastery of handling complexity.

We live in a global society with enriched knowledge, variety of culture, and diversity of talent; being global is about crossing not only borders but also cultural divides between business, nations or social sectors. 

The true globalists usually require high level skills such as global cognition, inclusiveness, adaptability, empathy, as well as multifaceted competencies to work in a global environment, attract global talent, and co-develop a hyperconnected and harmonized global society.

Global cognition: The global society means a hyperconnected business environment, cross-boundary communication and collaboration, and interdisciplinary management approach. Business leaders and professionals can develop global cognition by embracing the variety of perspectives to opens their mind, harnessing multifaceted cultural values, understanding global intellectual/social capital, enhancing professional relationships with trust, and facilitating world-wide dialogues. Well-blended global insight and information-based foresight can drive competitive value and collaborative global growth.

Insightful globalists can broaden their viewpoints based on enriched global content; and deepen their understanding with global contextualism. They play a significant role in setting the common worldwide principles to bridge the difference, enhance a diversifying (ideas)-clarifying (concepts) -unifying (beliefs) cycle of world class insight. They know how to collaborate with stakeholders of all stripes, be able to facilitate and orchestrate the multitude of differences, values, cultures and gain a profound understanding of the global business ecosystem.

Inclusiveness: Inclusive professionals facilitate and orchestrate a variety of global differences such as cognitive differences, value differences, knowledge differences, cultural differences, etc. If diversity allows us to appreciate difference; inclusiveness encourages us to reinforce mutual understanding, clarify common values & beliefs, and enhance harmony. Being an inclusive cross-boundary globalist means you need to have a clear vision to bridge the difference; interdisciplinary knowledge to understand problems at the global scope holistically; differentiated competency to solve thorny issues innovatively.

It’s important to create an inclusive global organization with every dip in the business management lifecycle, from individual thinking to collective mind (culture); encourage different voices and unique viewpoints. Focusing on inclusiveness will force you to confront new ideas, and possibly embrace a new concept that you may have never imagined. Focus on convincing, persuasion, and collaboration at the global scope, unify the diverse perspective into a clear vision for driving desired change steadfastly, and solve problems that have global context collaboratively.

Global adaptability is the ability for adapting to the dynamic global environment. Develop global adaptability through openness, creating cross-geographical mutual interest communities, being able to seek ways and means of adjusting your perspective and those around you, negotiating win-win outcomes, increasing self-confidence and performance in others. Global professionals are able to apply critical thinking or the adaptive skills needed to both develop worldwide insights about emotional, economic, societal factors for driving needed changes, creating new options and solutions for meeting those needs.

Adaptive globalists with a growth mindset are able to push the right buttons and pull the right resources to co-develop a collaborative global society by setting commonly accepted principles, building and scaling change capacity. Global organizations give people the voices, tools and experiences of how to effectively communicate across the world even if they perhaps speak diverse professional or national languages, and build trust across these diverse cultures.

Culture empathy: Culture is one of the most intangible and strongest glue weaving inside human society and organization. Culture is much deeper than the customer or a language. It is a corporate or national character. Global professionals have cultural empathy. Empathy means that you have to not only see through the eyes of someone who is different, but you also have to think through that person’s mind. True culture empathy springs from personality, early nurturing, curiosity, and appreciation of diversity of thoughts and characters. It is further developed by people’s in-depth knowledge about culture via historical, sociological, psychological, philosophical lens, etc.

Empathy is the characteristics that allow you to speak to a person from the space they stand, not where you think they should be. Culture empathy is a critical ingredient to orchestrate globalization benefits by harnessing cross-boundary communication, as understanding the values of your audience will facilitate your ability to develop empathy, cohesion, and strategic alliance across boundaries, and abstracting various perspectives into world class insight based on an updated global view.

Professional globalists demonstrate a global mindset involving a personal intention to focus on being global, with global abilities such as tolerance of ambiguity, cultural cognition, learning agility, mastery of handling complexity, the skills of communicating virtually and working across cultures for solving global level problems and leading transformative changes.


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