Monday, October 11, 2021


Self management matters for boosting creative energy and catalyzing innovation.

Being innovative is a state of mind. Some individuals demonstrate more innovative traits than others. Indeed, innovativeness is all about how to disrupt the outdated thinking and the old way to do things. 

 Self-management taps the inner creative energy and outer resources of strength, to get yourself doing things with discipline, comprehends how you can manage emotions and behaviors and as an individual recognize what is best to think and do, to develop creativity and catalyze innovation.

Self-awareness: Creativity is an innate process to generate novel ideas. Innovativeness is a state of mind to keep coming up with great ideas and fresh viewpoints. It is, by nature, unique to each person. Self-awareness provides clarity, versatility, gives you directional opportunities for personal growth and helps you focus on creative thinking. As creativity is born from conscious awareness and its complexity is given by the level of consciousness that is reached. Self-awareness matters. When people are inspired to discover who they are, their inner genius is empowered to grow into who they want to be, they are often on a unique path to develop their creativity and shape a growth mindset.

Autonomy matters. “Self" is that level of existence which is the genuine substance of who we are. If we can live authentically, in a way that is true to ourselves, this in itself is creative. Creativity happens at the intersection of consciousness and subconsciousness. When we are authentic, keep our minds flowing, release the positive energy, out of this comes a beautiful thing - abundant creativity and freedom of choices. It generates the chains of thought-provoking ideas, constructively challenging the limits of traditional thinking and shaping the fresh perspectives on how to perceive the surroundings, taking the new approach to do things differently.

Self-motivation: After self-awareness to discover your authentic self and creative talent hidden inside you. It’s important to be self-motivated and keep practicing creative activities. Motivation is to drive action at the ground level and it is not a feeling but describes the trajectory of a behavior. You have to have the desire and be willing to challenge yourself to be all you can be, shape an innovative mindset with intellectual curiosity, make deep observations, question conventionalism, and take more creative activities to make continuous deliveries.

Motivation is the additional urge to take actions and get something done promptly. The only one who can motivate you is you. Motivation is moving forward, taking more innovative activities. Self-motivation matters as without it, you cannot awaken a new level of awareness in which the self is nourished through creative refreshment and making yourself willing to reach the state of innovativeness. Creativity is both natural and nurtured. As the saying goes: “Give me a person who is eager to learn and I can teach him/her anything. Give me a person who does not want to learn and I can teach him/her nothing.” Create a creative environment in which self-motivated people can explore where their energy is and then, align the energy to work at hand, and motivate them to think and do things innovatively.

Self-evaluation/self management :
Self-evaluation helps individuals in taking ownership, responsibility, make people willing to progress and then take the steps necessary to tap their creativity, enforce their strengths and unlock potential continuously and make tangible results. Self-management taps the inner and outer resources of your creative strength, and to get yourself doing creative things with discipline, practice and achieve measurable goals. From a management perspective, you know the team will deliver the best outcome and give them the freedom to do it on their way.

The purpose of self-reflection, self-assessment, and self-improvement innovation performance cycle is not about encouraging individualism only, more about inspiring authenticity; growth mind, engagement, trust, and innovation. Make a self assessment of the quality and quantity of creative results, deliberately build your capacity to become an innovator. In the organizational setting, self-assessment focuses the mind and ensures that everyone has their say and has buy-in to the process, so collectively, they can build a highly competitive team to amplify collective creativity.

Self management matters for boosting creative energy and catalyzing innovation. Individually, self-management is about knowing and in relation to the betterment of his/her own life, including unlocking their creative potential. Collaboratively, the larger enterprise can renew the creative energy and rejuvenate their organization via developing the culture of learning and engaging customers/partnerships in their continuous innovation best and next practices.


The enforce their strengths and unlock potential continuously and make tangible results.

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