Friday, October 8, 2021


 Without effective governance, businesses will face significant risk for surviving, and miss great opportunities for thriving.

The important characteristics of digitalization are over-complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity. Hence, GRC (governance, risk management, and compliance) becomes more critical than ever.

Here's the context; how should GRC programs be approached? Should technology be a driver? Can you achieve any level of GRC without automation? Can you achieve any level of GRC without people? What is the real driver of GRC?

Initiate People-Centric Governance

Initiatingpeoplecentricgovernance Governance is like steering-wheel to ensure enterprise running in the right direction, and well head to the destination. Governance is to establish a consensus of what is normal for your organization; manage exceptions as they arise. Update your consensus of normal as the organization changes. Everything else is the detail.

Innovationgovernanceaspects Governance is by definition a framework of principles, practices and indeed ethics; separate, different and outside the setting and subsequent control of business strategies, budgets, outcomes and metrics (in short, management discipline). Statistically, innovation management has a considerably low percentage of success rate and there are numerous learning curves and barriers on the way. Innovation has to deliver business objectives, but it needs the right kind of governance to thrive.

Unlockperformanceviaagilegovernance To run a high-performance business, the management and governance is an iterative business continuum to enhance business effectiveness. As the traditional management continues to rejuvenate itself to the changing new normal by establishing new principles and developing next practices; the governance discipline has also continually changed its shape and matured.

Uncoventionalgovernance Corporate governance has a great impact on corporate performance, Governance is the structure and process of authority, responsibility, and accountability in an organization. Without effective governance, businesses will face significant risk for surviving, and miss great opportunities for thriving. It's impossible to change rightly or have a good governance model without having a holistic view, an outside-in perspective and a collaborative approach.

Initiatingrelaxedgovernance Business ineffectiveness is usually caused by the failure of effective governance, risk control, and compliance process. Given many organizations don't view governance as "decision-making optimization," their governance efforts usually devolve into time-consuming, costly, overbearing bureaucratic constructs.

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