Saturday, October 2, 2021


Innovative globalists understand that we all have different lenses - perceptions in the way we look at the world, it becomes easier to open our hearts and minds to bridge our differences.

Nowadays, we live in a hyper-connected and interdependent global society. The geographical, functional, and industrial boundaries are blurred. Being global is about crossing not only borders but also cultural divides between business, government, and social sectors. 

It is important to gain objective perceptions of varying global events, circumstances, set a strong global leadership theme to unify and harmonize based on a set of agreeable principles, and integrate global quintessential via interdisciplinary lenses. In short, visionary globalists with versatile leadership personas are in strong demand to bridge differences, solve problems at the global scope and co-imagine, co-develop a contemporary global society collaboratively.

Global perceivers: Generally speaking, being “global” involves a personal intention and intellectual curiosity to understand a variety of cultures, and has passion to deal with complex issues that make global impacts. Custom or language is just at the very surface of understanding a great culture. Underneath it, there’s enriched knowledge, a long river of history and multi-folded philosophy. A passionate globalist can see the world with fresh eyes, open mind, intimate interactions to create thresholds of possibilities that can result and expand into innovative thinking and creative leadership. They are also cool headed to perceive global issues that eliminate unconscious biases, subjective cultural preference, break down conventional wisdom by gaining fresh knowledge and constructive feedback, etc. Thus, their global perception is much closer to the objective reality that the majority of insightful global citizens are experiencing.

But who are those insightful globalists? Shall we define some common standards to be full-fledged global citizens? How to shape such a profound global mindset? What are the imperative large scale global problems that could either lift or break humanity worldwidely? A mindset is shaped based on one’s personal growth, cognizance, learning, working experience, etc. Each mindset filters information differently, thinks differently, and perceives things differently. Global experience does contribute to shaping a global perceiver. However, it is required, but is not sufficient for the development of an accurate global mindset. Global mindset is an insightful generalist’s worldview that looks at problems or issues objectively in a broad and deep way that a solution emerges through a collaborative multicultural and multidisciplinary approach involving global psychological capital, intellectual capital, and social capital.

Global influencer:
The internet and collaborative platforms and tools flatten the world to a certain degree, there's transparency in the digital era of the twenty-first century. But there are still numerous barriers and obstacles that generate or even enlarge gaps between communities, organizations, societies in a more volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and globally distributed world. What are the most critical global leadership qualities? Who has a global mindset with a renewable great attitude, mixed with cross-cultural cognizance? What are the best and next practices to groom global influencers? How to connect people’s minds to drive transformative change that all global citizens agree upon? Some of the important "global leadership" competencies uncovered include a high degree of cultural sensitivity, empathy and intelligence, cognitive difference, profundity, visioning and communication skills, etc. Strong intention, great vision, innate passion, on-time, structural execution, and dedication, etc, are all crucial to become excellent global influencers and round global communicators.

All human beings are more similar than different, it is possible to set the common principles to bridge the difference and lead more effectively. Global influencers are persistent in leadership substances and principles, but flexible in styles and methodologies. They are visionaries, experts, humble learners and practitioners who can facilitate continuous digital dialogues and initiate global conversations that inspire creativity in diverse domains of expertise. They are adaptive, good at shifting from one leadership style to another, but keep the leadership substance on checking; they are good at identifying and articulating paradigm shifts, setting trend and creating momentum; they are good at molding leaders that go out and promote changes in people's mindsets and paradigms through insight; they are masterful of understanding and solving problems through multi-disciplinary approaches; and managing multi-folded complexity through multi-faceted practices.

Global integrator: We live in a global society with enriched knowledge, culture and diversity of talent and expertise. Innovative global leaders are structural integrators who can diverge, converge the multitude of ideas, thoughts, perspectives; who can defer, infer the multipath logic of scenarios, stories, historical myth & truth, etc, insightfully; who can leverage the artistic aesthetics and scientific discipline to design, invent and innovate; who can enjoy all those delightful things and integrate them into something fresh, etc. In fact, familiarization with integral development processes is an essential context for successful leadership outcomes. Being an effective global integrator needs high levels of cultural flexibility and low levels of ethnocentrism with open-minded perspectives, complex global and intercultural responsibilities and interdisciplinary expertise.

The high mature global leadership is more about inspiration, unification, collaboration, healthy competition; and cross-culture-influence, with the goal to recognize the best of the best; understand the “sophisticated” elements of sophistication; appreciate the “unique” ingredients of the uniqueness; and achieve a set of common purposes. A great global integrator will not reinvent the wheel, but demonstrates philosophical wisdom, updated knowledge fluency and fresh taste to break things down and bind things up accordingly. They are confident and humble at the same time. As a leader, you don't have all the answers, you need to ask questions and provide insights to your team members to come up with the strategies, solutions, and practices.

Global leadership is not static, but keeps evolving. Innovative global leaders understand that we all have different lenses - perceptions in the way we look at the world, it becomes easier to open our hearts and minds to bridge our differences. High-influential global leaders must be a strategic visionary to lead global progress, an influential communicator to facilitate world-wide dialogues, a passionate coach to cultivate more authentic global leaders and an influential expert to innovate, integrate and interact, to ensure that our collective potential are unlocked and the journey of human societies are reaching the next level of advancement.


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