Saturday, October 30, 2021


Global professionals should co-develop a set of principles that can unify professional values, enrich life experience, sharpen global mindset and professional outlook, develop global viewpoints of problem-solving and present high mature professionalism.

A professional is an individual who strives to represent professional competency and delivers quality. High professionalism is an important quality for today’s multigenerational, multicultural and multi-devicing workforce to realize collective potential and overcome common challenges.

 Innovative global professionals should shape their perspective of value proposition, life experience, world view; culture quintessential, as well as education viewpoints. Professionalism can be ripened to maturity through the combination of authenticity, capability, quality, credibility, and accountability.

Life experience view:
Life is a journey with a series of personalized experiences along with a set of subjective perception. We are what we think based on what we experienced. Whatever we are today - our knowledge and our capabilities are on account of our cumulative experience which were created consciously and subconsciously; some are positive, and some are negative; some help us grow, and some are undesirable and become the stumbling blocks. Experience in most of the cases is a mixture of success and failure. Experience is not about doing the same things again and again; it is about always learning the new things through it. You learn lessons from the past experience, you can also enrich your life through absorbing new knowledge, gaining diverse experiences, and capturing deep insight.

Global professionals need to accumulate enriched life experiences including such as oversea education experience, international working experience, entrepreneurial/intrapreneural experience, coaching/mentoring/parenting experience, interdisciplinary/cross-industries or other cross-boundary experience, failure/frustration experience, etc. The pace of change is increasing, the world becomes flattened, and information is exponential. As people have different character and diverse personalities, there's a discrepancy between subjective perception and reality. Everyone’s life experience is unique, how they express what they experience is also different. That makes our shared world diversified and confusing. Therefore, experience can no longer be measured quantitatively only, quality counts, dynamic counts, lesson-learned counts, etc. You just have to broaden or deepen the experience continually for cultivating the fitting mentality, following a professional attitude with the right mix of confidence and humility, building a unique set of professional competency, developing creativity and refining wisdom on the way.

Professional value view:
We are all unique in many ways and no two people are exactly the same across the globe. Value is an informal term and could mean different things to different people. Professional value is usually based on virtue, quality; it’s about how people enable growth with quality solutions in a progressive perspective; demonstrating the high level of excellence and essence of character. Value is not something that can easily be measured and is very subjective. Global professionals today need to articulate a set of values that they can bring to the table, such as inclusiveness, respect, trust, empathy, innovativeness, learning agility, fairness, etc. They show the mindset, attitude, and behavior consistency in conveying those values.

In the contemporary organization and modern society, the true value of an employee is demonstrated when the employee brings the advanced mindset, updated knowledge, professional competency and personal attitude that translates into expected performance outcomes. To make an objective assessment of people’s professional value, you need to look at all aspects of their individual traits, work ethic, professional competency, creativity, influence, performance achievements, and the hidden potential each employee has if given the opportunity to excel within the work environment.

Global view
: Compared to the industrial era with static information and overly restrictive boundaries in the last century, today’s internet-based world is much more hyper-connected and interdependent, with dynamic aspects: stacking of tolerances, variability, etc. It requires us to be willing to listen to diverse viewpoints, broaden the perspective to fix misperceptions, and develop a more enriched profile that advocates inclusiveness, innovativeness, and progression.
Global professionals today have to continue sharing their viewpoint about things or events happening in their surroundings, their perspective of future global society; their roles on making desired changes, their professional strengths & weakness, as well as how to team up for building competitive global team for co-solving common problems at the worldwide base and developing professional competencies.

We live in a diverse global society with a multigenerational workforce, multipolar knowledge centers, multi-cultural wisdom, and multidimensional innovation, etc. It’s strategic imperative to frame the new mind to see the ever changing world via the multi-dimensional lenses, it means deepening understanding of how others think and value empathetically; it means proactively gaining cognizance of your environment and adapt to it; it means instilling thoughtfulness, intelligence, and influence in the organizations, communities, or societies. The key elements that future leaders and professionals in all realms of the global perspectives should acquire to effectively familiarize themselves with the psychological, geopolitical, anthropological, philosophical and sociological effects of globalization.

We live in a world where change is the norm and if we don't embrace it, accept it, roll with it, or make it happen, we're not able to run an advanced global society. The internet and collaborative platforms and tools flatten the world to a certain degree, there's transparency in the digital era of the twenty-first century. Global professionals should co-develop a set of principles that can unify professional values, enrich life experience, sharpen global mindset and professional outlook, develop global viewpoints of problem-solving and present high mature professionalism.


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