Friday, March 3, 2023


Isn't a tough journey to- celebrate #10,600 blog postings - to pursue- the digital way of brainstorming, innovating, motivating, story-telling?

Being innovative is both a state of mind and a set of practices. What does your audience want to see in you? Innovator has an obligation to be open, to share and question, to challenge existing concepts, and to bring new perspective, fresh ideas or insight. 

Innovation leadership is more about envisioning, coaching and orchestration. It is essentially anchored on the leader's overall interdisciplinary expertise to solve problems in better ways. It’s time to celebrate #10600 blog posting, it’s also the time to reinvent leadership practices.

Innovators lead the right direction with clear vision, sound judgment, creativity, empathy, humility and shared human values: The good intention of becoming a leader is to inspire and innovate, improve and advance. Becoming an innovative leader means you need to have vision to bridge the difference; interdisciplinary knowledge to understand problems holistically; unique competency to solve problems innovatively. In order to build strong influential competency and amplify leadership influence, organizational leaders should become more influential on innovating, coaching, and driving transformative changes.

Innovative leaders focus on convincing, persuasion, and collaboration at the global scope to make influence: Leadership competencies are interrelated with traits and expertise. The good intention of becoming a leader is to inspire and innovate, set goals and ensure ongoing commitment. Always look for the complementary mindsets, capabilities, and skills so that they can build a highly competitive team to produce value-added results. Expert based leadership is more persuasive to lead change and influence the upcoming trends and flows. Leadership innovation is on versatility and flexibility; leadership maturity is a good combination of mindsets, attitudes, expertise, insight, and behaviors, etc.

Innovation leadership is a compelling story that you need to share continually and make an impact all the time:
Innovators and change agents all play the crucial role to reinforce and enthuse others. You have the power and responsibility to break down silos, bottlenecks, and renew creative energy. Global leaders and professionals can become true globalists if they are able to familiarize themselves with interdisciplinary effects of globalization in all realms of the global perspectives, share their fresh insight, and make a difference.

The great leaders are great storytellers who can share their vision vividly; navigate through change with clarity: “Where are you? Where are you going? How do you get there? What is your current adventure? Who are you,” in the story, engage with their audience empathetically, and leverage data and information to influence changes convincingly.

With emerging collaboration platforms and tools, innovative leaders can build their cross-border leadership capacity for connecting, inspiring, and sharing a holistic vision. They present creative communication skills, culture empathy, build up a positive emotional climate, foster cross-boundary collaboration relentlessly to amplify leadership influence relentlessly.


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