Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Illuminate”what-if” II

An innovator asks- “what if” to challenge- “we always do things like that,” mentality, set an untaken path to -reinvent human society, impressively.

What if -

we can light up,

at the deep night,

break through-

 the darkness,

see through -

the upper level of-

open space, 


What if-

we can rise up,

go beyond -

human limitation,

free up imagination,

to reach up-

the new horizon of-

 innovation, courageously?

What if -

we can clean up-

the mess,

the residue of -

outdated views,

the dirt of the past;

to rejuvenate change,

refresh creative energy, 


What if-

we can voice up,

articulate our concerns,

share diverse perspectives, to

amplify influence, 

embrace -the next generation to come;

tap collective potential, 


What if -

we can grow up,

without losing -

our innocence,

innate curiosity,

keep our eyes fresh,

our ears unclogged,

look outside the box,

see beyond obvious,

create freshness, novelty, 


A visionary asks “what if” to-

step into -

unfolded future,

reimagine emergent possibilities;

uncover truth from myth, unbelievably.

A change agent asks-

“what if,” to-

instill passion,

fuse enthusiasm,

ride ahead of -

learning curves,

make a leap, 


An innovator asks-

“what if” to -

 challenge “we always do things like that,” mentality,

set an untaken path to -

reinvent human society,



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