Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Sometimes right and wrong mean correct and incorrect; sometimes they mean accurate or inaccurate; sometimes they mean morally/ethically good or bad.

In face of overwhelming growth of information, fierce competitions, and frequent disruptions, many organizations are on the journey of business transformation which represents the next stage of business growth, organization agility. 

Raising the right questions, setting the right policies, identifying the right people and taking the right approach of doing the right things in the right way are all important disciplines to improve the overall business influence, resilience, and maturity.

Right inquiries: Businesses become more dynamic, managers today need to ask more insightful questions to facilitate transformative changes. Motivation can come and go easily, if it is not the heart desire. Asking the right questions helps to trigger your emotions for running a high performance business.

What about purpose, trust, the right set of goal-development? What about psychology and methodology behind innovation? How to unleash unlimited potential to drive organizational progress by synchronizing thoughts, actions, and endurance? If you are clear about what you are trying to achieve, then you can think about the questions to which you need answers; verify assumptions to pursue truth, and lead change confidently.

Right information: Information Management is to connect people with the right information at the right time & location, to ensure that accurate information is accessible and shared to improve problem-solving effectiveness. Different information is required at different points in the decision and operational delivery chain.

Information Management includes a set of integrated management processes and services that enable and support the capability to store, retrieve, refine, and transform data, allowing it to become the right information in the right form and of adequate quality to satisfy the demands of users in the organization. If you don't have the right level of information management control in place, it is substantially harder and less likely to be an information savvy, high performance company for the long run.

Right approach:
Contemporary management approach is both art and science. Good policies should be communicated frequently, and followed uncompromisingly, to ensure the right things are easy to do, and bad behaviors are discouraged. When the organization lacks a set of cohesive policies to guide through, people are running in the dark, to make decisions blindly, or walk around the problems helplessly. It causes silo, conflicts, and business ineffectiveness.

Find the right people through what they think and how they act, and integrate talent management, culture management, change management, and performance management into a holistic management approach to run a holistic organization to achieve high performance coherently.

Sometimes right and wrong mean correct and incorrect; sometimes they mean accurate or inaccurate; sometimes they mean morally/ethically good or bad. Business transformation is a multidirectional business exploration to improve organizational competency via an iterative planning-implementation continuum, improve collective performance, achieve operational excellence, and gain business advantages for the long term.


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