Thursday, May 25, 2023


An organization of today needs to create the new paradigm shift, run in a digital way to unleash its full potential.

In a world where change is significantly speeding up, business leaders couldn’t predict the future with a high degree of accuracy. Always keep the end in mind when walking through the journey of organizational growth and innovation. It requires in-depth understanding, learning agility, and dynamic business capabilities, to ensure endurance, persistence, resilience of business management, with the goal to keep the business responsive, innovative, and make continuous improvement.

It takes a holistic view to open up cross-disciplined dialogs for lubricating interrelationships between all of the crucial points of business growth: One of the key determinants of whether an organization can move to new organizational structures is the development level of the people. People have to be ready for moving to a more fluid structure and dynamic new normal.

Many companies have never been better positioned to engage in cross function collaborations. But few have broken out of the static industry box, treating customers, channel partners, suppliers, and industry participants as active agents for co-solving crucial business problems. Giving everyone a voice in how the organization and the people in it can prosper and thrive. It helps to build and maintain trust, transparency, respect, and flexibility.

It is useful to try and bring people to a better understanding of the causes and effects, particularly where there are mistaken beliefs that result in bad effects: The role of context in developing a perspective of a business system is that it may be a partial cause for many of the behaviors demonstrated by an organization. Cause-Effect analysis anticipates purpose but not until the system is actualized, can you really observe manifest purpose. It's important to harness the different experiences, perspectives, and ideas of people, look at the wider aspect around any problem, and dig deeper to understand the effect of imposing boundaries within that space in order to overcome the challenges.

Business change is usually nonlinear. You can't separate things properly or you cannot predict the actual effect of interactions straightforwardly. The cause-effect may be seen as yet another cause. Focus on nonlinear rather than just linear cause-effect. In addition to the use of any causal analysis methodology, listen to a wide range of opinions and multidimensional viewpoints in order to make sound judgments based on unbiased fact, deep analysis, take the identification of the facts and root cause and mold into a solution based on the objectives and other extenuating circumstances.

It is hard to get organizational people-centricity right; it will need to be thought through and "architected":
Business will be more successful when they realize that one of their greatest strengths will be their people and differentiated business capability. Forethoughtful organizations initiate change from capital centered structures to knowledge-centered structures, dissolution of overly rigid organizational hierarchies into self-managed autonomous units that use knowledge to address the unique market dynamism. It is critical that organization diligently focuses on the people construct and through deliberate design, architects a connected and dynamic people-centered ecosystem,

People and cultures are inherently complex and premium organizational design will have a positive benefit for any organization. There must be enough central control to achieve coordination toward strategic goals, and enough autonomy to keep the business flourishing, for achieving high-performance results. It requires understanding and changing organizational culture and then changing governance mechanisms, processes, and IT support of those processes and mechanisms in shaping a people-centric organization.

The next generation of organizations are emergent at the age of information abundance and technology advancement. Traditional hierarchical lines will phase out and cross-functional collaboration is the new normal. Business management needs to demonstrate a willingness to explore legitimate systemic issues beyond the performance, understand the technique and psychology behind changes and make continuous improvement. An organization of today needs to create the new paradigm shift, run in a digital way to unleash its full potential.


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